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hadoops:cmake-compile (phase: compile)

Goal which builds the native sources.

hadoops:cmake-test (phase: test)

Goal which runs a native unit test.

hadoops:parallel-tests-createdir (phase: generate-test-resources)

Goal which creates the parallel-test directories.

hadoops:protoc (phase: generate-sources)

Mojo to generate java classes from .proto files using protoc. See package info for examples of use in a maven pom.


ResourceGzMojo will gzip files. It is meant to be used for gzipping website resource files (e.g. .js, .css, etc). It takes an input directory, output directory, and extensions to process and will generate the .gz files. Any additional directory structure beyond the input directory is preserved in the output directory.

hadoops:test-protoc (phase: generate-test-sources)

Mojo to generate java test classes from .proto files using protoc. See package info for examples of use in a maven pom.


VersionInfoMojo calculates information about the current version of the codebase and exports the information as properties for further use in a Maven build. The version information includes build time, SCM URI, SCM branch, SCM commit, and an MD5 checksum of the contents of the files in the codebase.

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