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Extends the gwt goal and runs the project in the GWTShell with a debugger port hook (optionally suspended).


Simply writes out all the scripts to the target folder.


Runs the the project in the GWTShell for development. Note that this goal is intended to be explicitly run from the command line (execute phase=), whereas other GWT-Maven goals are not (others happen as part of the standard Maven life-cycle phases: "compile" "test" "install").

gwt:mergewebxml (phase: process-resources)

Merges GWT servlet elements into deployment descriptor (and non GWT servlets into shell).

gwt:validate (phase: validate)

Validates the GWT source but does not compile.

gwt:compile (phase: process-classes)

Invokes the GWTCompiler for the project source.

gwt:test (phase: test)

Runs special (non surefire) test phase for GWTTestCase derived tests. This is necessary because of several complications with regard to surefire and the classpath for GWTTestCase/JUnitShell. See further notes in source.

gwt:i18n (phase: process-resources)

Creates I18N interfaces for constants and messages files.


Generates client beans for the project (currently unsupported).

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