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This maven plugin takes an IDL and applies the transformations specified by the transformationsClass. It uses freemarker as the templating engine.

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cougar-codegen:process (phase: generate-sources)

A plugin which is responsible for generating Cougar-based services. This encompasses a number of code- and file-generation steps, as well as validation. The intention is for this mojo to do everything needed, keeping the plugins/plugin section of a Cougar service's pom as simple as possible. NOTE: idd dependencies IDDs can be read from the file system or as resources. The IDD is expected to be named after the service (see {@link #services} param), suffixed with {@code .xml} for the service and {@code -Extensions.xml} for the extensions definition. If you're using an IDD file then it should be in {@code /src/main/resources}. Switch between the two modes using the {@link #iddAsResource} flag. A gotcha exists when accessing IDDs as resources. Since the IDDs are not required at run-time, it would make sense to include the relevant IDD project (jar) as a plugin dependency (ie. in {@code project/plugins/plugin/dependencies} as opposed to a project dependency of {@code project/dependencies}). You can do this unless your service is built as part of a larger project tree, in which multiple services are built. Maven resolves dependencies for the plugin once, so you can't have projectA relying on projectA-idd and project B relying on projectB-idd respectively - you end up with both projects relying on (say) projectA-idd. To work around this, you have to include the IDD as part of the project dependencies. TODO If there's an easy way to fix this, we should do so (maven-savvy volunteers welcome)

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