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A maven plugin with goals that provide 'build-helper' solutions to Basis Techology's specific issues.

homepage: basis-technology-corp.github.io/basis-build-helper-maven-plugin
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last release: 3 years ago, first release: 6 years ago
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basis-build-helper-plugin:collect-bundles (phase: prepare-package)

Read one or more XML files specifying OSGi bundles, and copy them, setting up a metadata file that describes them. The input files look like: {@code commons-io/commons-io/-dependency- com.google.inject.extensions/guice-throwingproviders/4.0 com.google.inject.extensions/guice-throwingproviders/4.0 } If a bundle is a fragment, this plugin will notice and arrange not to start it at runtime. If you want to avoid starting some bundle that is not a fragment, add {@code noStart='true'} to the {@code } element.


Display help information on bbh-maven-plugin. Call mvn basis-build-helper-plugin:help -Ddetail=true -Dgoal=<goal-name> to display parameter details.

basis-build-helper-plugin:osgi-version (phase: process-sources)

Transform a maven version to an OSGi version, dealing, as needed, with the Basis convention of x.y.z.cXX.Y{-SNAPSHOT}. So, we deal with the following cases: x.y.z(.qualifier)(-SNAPSHOT) [where a qualifier is a sequence of alphanumeric characters, '_' or '-'] x.y.z.cXX.Y(qualifier) Anything else is an error.

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