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annotations:check-api (phase: verify)

This class checks 2 (or multiple) versions of our API to make sure we have not broken the api contract. We compare the JAR artifact from the build with a reference baseline XML signature file This class should be run over the definitive shipped version of the product at each release to produce a final artifact for that version. This uses ASM to proceses the classes in the jar file. Exclusions can be supplied in an XML file of the form <exclusions> <class name="com/atlassian/query/Query" exclude="true" /> <class name="com/atlassian/query/operator/Operator"> <field name="LIKE" exclude="true" /> <field name="NOT_LIKE" exclude="true" /> <method name="values" desc="()[Lcom/atlassian/query/operator/Operator;" exclude="true" /> <method name="valueOf" desc="(Ljava/lang/String;)Lcom/atlassian/query/operator/Operator;" access="PUBLIC"/> </class> </exclusions> The name of the exclusions file then needs to be passed on the exclusionsXML parameter.

annotations:extract-api (phase: verify)

This class exports the API definition of the current artifact as an XML file This XML signature file can be used as a baseline to check for API/SPI breakages in later versions of the artifact. This uses ASM to process the classes in the jar file.


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