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Goal to execute a full analysis with ZAP. It will run the default Spider, and optionally the AJAX Spider, proceed with the Active Scan and generate the reports.


Run ZAP's Active Scan and generates the reports. No Spider is executed. This scan assumes that integration tests ran using ZAP as a proxy, so the Active Scan is able to use the navigation done during the tests for the scan. Normally this goal will be executed in the phase post-integration-test, while the goal {@code startZap} will run in the phase pre-integration-test, to make sure ZAP is running during the tests.


Starts ZAP. Normally this goal will be used along with the {@code seleniumAnalyze} goal. The usual configuration is to use {@code startZap} in the pre-integration-test, to make sure ZAP is running during the tests. If the tests are correctly configured, they will use ZAP's proxy to run the tests. The goal {@code seleniumAnalyze} can then be configured to run in the phase post-integration-test to run a ZAP analysis without a Spider (using the navigation done by the tests).

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