Which Maven repository search engine people use?

2016-05-07 13:56:31.256

Two weeks ago I created a poll on Java's Google plus website (currently with 184,720 members) with title: "Which Maven repository search engine do you use?" After two weeks there are 181 votes, so it's time to publish the results:

It was no suprise that javalibs.com isn't used very much (yet). I don't advertise it very much and instead I focus on new features (and there is sooo much to do). Also currently it isn't even one year old (mvnrepository.com is already 10 years old). For me it was shocking that so many people use search.maven.org (official online search engine for Maven Central). First couple of years I thought that the official (and only) search engine is mvnrepository.com :-)

Next year I will run the poll again.

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