Plugins, archetypes and BOM files on javalibs

2018-08-08 17:39:59.625

dropdown menu One of the coolest features on is the ability to search for Maven plugins / archetypes and BOM files. You can either use dropdown menu in search form to narrow down search or you can also use in your search query strings "plugin", "archetype" or "bom". So for example in order to find maven-compiler-plugin just search for "compiler plugin".


Support for archetypes is pretty minimalistic. There are two ways how are archetypes used - either from command line, or from IDE - and both are supported. Check out for example this archetype.


Support for Maven plugins is much more advanced - not only you get the plugin tag which you just need to add to pom.xml, but also you have list of goals and parameters which can be used in plugin configuration (plus the parameters have complete documentation) and also most used code snippets (only in really popular plugins). Check out for example this plugin.


Latest addition are BOM files - not only you get the tag which you just need to add to pom.xml, but also you have list of managed dependencies and their versions. Btw. if you have no idea what BOM files are, see this article. And check out for example this BOM.

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