Much easier use of BOM files

2017-02-25 14:45:37.442

Just released support for using BOM files. If you're wondering what is a BOM (Bill Of Materials) file, then it's a mechanism for bundling several dependencies to assure that the versions will work together: example. And in practice it saves lots of time with version management. Btw. if you want to see it in practice I recommend to use Eclipse IDE, because IntelliJ Idea currently has inferior support of this technology.

Anyway, the current support for BOM files on is very basic, but I plan to change that in the future. Currently BOM files have their own web page with instructions on how to use them. For example my favourite Spring IO Platform BOM. And also you can narrow down search in order to look for them.

EDIT: The future is here :-) Just added support for displaying managed dependencies.

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