Maven Plugin Snippets

2017-06-22 22:53:50.601 had for a long time pretty sweet support for Maven plugins. If you search for example for "maven compiler plugin" and click on the first result, you will be taken to this page with several features:

> chart how much is this plugin used from other artifacts
> plugin snippet which you can immediately insert to pom.xml
> documentation - plugin goals with usable parameters (customized usually in configuration tag)
> and now often used code snippets

What are these "often used code snippets"? Basically I took all OSS projects (from indexed Maven repositores and GitHub) and retrieved all plugin snippets with their configuration. And in every Maven plugin I show you up to 5 such most used snippets. This can be very useful when you want to discover more about some plugin (how it's usually used and with which configuration).

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