Dependency tree remake

2017-05-26 10:22:26.439

Last year I've introduced transitive dependency chart for every artifact. And for the last few months I've been busy remaking it from scratch in order to make it even more useful. Now you will immediately see number of transitive dependencies (compile and runtime) and I also added several neat checks so that you will see warnings when some dependency uses:

- version range (for example spring-data-jpa version 1.1.2.RELEASE had transitive dependency to any spring-core 3.x version)
- snapshot (for example logback version 0.9.6 had transitive dependency to slf4j 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT!)
- retired artifact (for example current Hibernate currently uses AntLR 2 which was deprecated long time ago and last release was 10 years ago!).
- some generic error which prevented succeful validation of dependency tree (this doesn't have to mean anything, but for example some artifacts have broken dependencies). I will try to fine-tune it even more.

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