Artifact Fresh Index

2018-08-08 17:33:18.227

Every artifact now has an icon which shows it's fresh index. It's nothing new, it used to be on this website for a long time in a form o star rating (1 to 5 stars + text "retired" in case of retired artifact), but it was confusing and I was thinking for a long time how to replace it with something more meaningful. So I came up with these emojis:

What do they mean? If you hover your mouse over it (not here, but anywhere else it will work) :-), you will see title with explanation. But let's revisit it in this post, I will explain their meaning from the right:

> (skull) = artifact has been retired (officially replaced with something new by it's author). It's really important to stay clear of these artifacts, because they are officialy dead.
> (old man) = no release in last two years
> (middle aged man) = no release in last year
> (teenager) = updated too much in last year
> (baby) = less than one year old
> (smiley face) = not in any of previous categories

I hope this will help selecting correct artifacts.

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