2016 update: new enhancements

2016-12-16 07:26:05.16

Last few months I was mostly busy fixing bugs (and there were soo many) :-) Also I made everything faster, like 80% faster :-) But there are several visible new enhancements I'd like to share:

1. Integrated search suggestions with autocomplete:


Why? Because you would be surprised how many people misspell something. This new feature will surely require some tweaking, but it's a big leap forward already.

2. You may be surprised that libraries mostly used for testing now have in their dependency tag scope "test" - for example junit:junit (or libraries like javax.servlet:javax.servlet-api or org.projectlombok:lombok have scope "provided":

dominant scope

Why? Because lots of people use libraries like lombok with a wrong scope. Also even though you know which scope you should use, it's easier if it's preconfigured.

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