Maven Search Quick Tutorial:

Quick summary of features and in comparison with other popular search engines:

intelligent search (comprehensive article) (since 6/2016)
intelligent version ordering (comprehensive article)
intelligent scope detection (comprehensive article) (since 1/2018)
autocomplete search (since 8/2018)
search for Maven plugins, archetypes and BOMs
search for Java classes
multiple repositories (since 10/2016)
artifact dependency tree
artifact usage (chart) (single number)
online source codes
artifact fresh index

Just type into the search box group id or artifact id, autocomplete will pop up and you can either select the artifact, or press "search" to see the search results. Autocomplete is really powerful so you will use it 99% of the time. Note: if you couldn't find what you were looking for, please submit a bug / feature request

Out-of-the-box search box tries to be intelligent and look for everything based on the input query, but you can also narrow down search to search for dependencies, Maven plugins, archetypes, BOMs and even Java classes.

When you navigate to the search results page, you will see up to 100 results

In Google Chrome you can use omnibox. Out-of-the-box works if you type and press space. Next type your query and you will receive the data from the autocomplete:
Note: You can change the keyword which activates this search. Right click inside the omnibox, select Edit search engines and change to anything you like (I change it to "m").

Every artifact has Maven / Ivy / Gradle / Scala / Groovy / Leiningen dependency string. Also you can download the artifact itself (usually a JAR file), see sources, javadoc and pom.xml. And also you can view dependency tree.

Every artifact has "Artifact usage" chart, which displays how much is selected artifact used as a dependency in other Maven artifacts in indexed Maven repositories (Central, JBoss, Spring, ...) and public GitHub projects. It shows number of new projects using selected artifact every year.

Most artifacts are in Maven Central, but several large companies don't publish their artifacts to Central for various reasons. There are many supported repositories and whenever you see the repository badge, click it and see instructions how to use it.

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