How many artifacts are in Maven Central Repository?

GAV = GroupId & ArtifactId & Version (for example 'junit:junit:4.12') - basically it's a "project's version"
GA = GroupId & ArtifactId (for example 'junit:junit') - basically it's a "project"

All artifacts:
GAV count: 9,077,645
GA count: 478,168

Maven plugins:
GAV count: 90,528
GA count: 6,256

Maven archetypes:
GAV count: 50,774
GA count: 2,984
GAV annual growth:
GA annual growth:

Chart on the right shows the age of projects in Maven Central (for every project I computed how old was it's last artifact's version (GAV) at the end of every year). Currently (stats for 2016) there are over 47% of artifacts which were updated within last 12 months. A little bit alarming is a fact that about 37% of all artifacts were not updated within last two years ... maybe because they were abandoned by their creators or maybe they are stable enough so that they don't need an update? Who knows?

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