group: xfire

fresh name packaging artifact id
Opensaml jar opensaml
XFire xfire-core
Aegis XFire Module xfire-aegis
XFire JSR 181 API jar xfire-jsr181-api
XFire distribution-zip xfire
Java XFire Module jar xfire-java
XMLBeans XFire Module xfire-xmlbeans
Xmlbeans jar xmlbeans
Annotations XFire Module xfire-annotations
Saaj-impl jar saaj-impl
XMPP (Jabber) XFire Module xfire-xmpp
Xmlbeans-xmlpublic jar xmlbeans-xmlpublic
Sun-jaxws-api jar sun-jaxws-api
Jaxb-api jaxb-api
Sun-saaj-impl jar sun-saaj-impl
Saaj-api jar saaj-api
Sun-saaj-api jar sun-saaj-api
Plexus XFire Module xfire-plexus
Jaxb-impl jar jaxb-impl
Jaxws-api jar jaxws-api
Jaxb-xjc jar jaxb-xjc
XFire Full Package xfire-all
Wss4j jar wss4j
Wsdl4j jar wsdl4j
JAX-RPC for XFire xfire-jaxrpc
Loom XFire Module jar xfire-loom
Picocontainer XFire Module xfire-picocontainer
Xfire-jaxb xfire-jaxb
JMS XFire Module xfire-jms
Xfire-src distribution-zip xfire-src
Java 5 XFire Module jar xfire-java5
Jaxb-libs jar jaxb-libs
XFire Demos zip xfire-demo
Spring XFire Module xfire-spring

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