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This project aims to offer an easy-to-extend Java DAS server framework. It offers several advantages: * Implementing data sources is very easy but also flexible and powerful. * Data caching is built into the system, with access to the caching mechanism made available to the data sources. * All aspects of the server are highly configurable, including selecting options where the DAS 1.53 specification offers choices to the implementor. * The latest Java technologies have been used throughout the system to optimise performance and simplify data source development. * Wherever possible the same terminology is used in the API as in the DAS specification and XML - again, making data source development more easy. * The server allows XSLT transforms of the DAS XML to be configured to provide a simple DAS client view (limited to the single DAS source). More details of the DAS protocol, DAS servers and DAS clients can be found at http://www.biodas.org/wiki/Main_Page. The first version of this server is a complete implementation of Distributed Sequence Annotation System (DAS) Version 1.53. If you are interested in learning more about DAS 1.53, the specification is highly recommended as a concise and complete description of the DAS protocol that can be obtained from: http://biodas.org/documents/spec.html

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