group: tomcat

fresh name packaging artifact id
Jasper-compiler jar jasper-compiler
Jasper-runtime jar jasper-runtime
Tomcat-util jar tomcat-util
Jasper-compiler-jdt jar jasper-compiler-jdt
Catalina jar catalina
Naming-factory jar naming-factory
Naming-resources jar naming-resources
Tomcat-coyote jar tomcat-coyote
Servlets-default jar servlets-default
Catalina-optional jar catalina-optional
Tomcat-http jar tomcat-http
Naming-factory-dbcp jar naming-factory-dbcp
Java API for Servlets jar servlet-api
Java API for JavaServer Pages jar jsp-api
Tomcat-apr jar tomcat-apr
Tomcat-jkstatus-ant jar tomcat-jkstatus-ant
Bootstrap jar bootstrap
Naming-common jar naming-common
Naming-java jar naming-java
Tomcat-jk jar tomcat-jk
Servlet jar servlet
Tomcat-juli jar tomcat-juli
Apache-tomcat zip apache-tomcat
Commons-logging jar commons-logging
Servlets-webdav jar servlets-webdav
Servlets-common jar servlets-common
Tomcat-http11 jar tomcat-http11
Catalina-cluster jar catalina-cluster
Tomcat4-coyote jar tomcat4-coyote
Catalina-storeconfig jar catalina-storeconfig
Servlets-invoker jar servlets-invoker
Tomcat-ajp jar tomcat-ajp
Catalina-ant jar catalina-ant
Catalina-manager jar catalina-manager
Commons-logging-api jar commons-logging-api
Catalina-ant-jmx jar catalina-ant-jmx
Catalina-root jar catalina-root
Catalina-admin jar catalina-admin
Tomcat-naming jar tomcat-naming
Servlets-cgi jar servlets-cgi
Catalina-host-manager jar catalina-host-manager
Commons-fileupload jar commons-fileupload
Tomcat jar tomcat
Tomcat-i18n-en jar tomcat-i18n-en
Tomcat-warp jar tomcat-warp
Warp jar warp
Commons-daemon jar commons-daemon
Webserver jar webserver
Commons-el jar commons-el
Commons-modeler jar commons-modeler
Container_util jar container_util
Core_util jar core_util
Etomcat jar etomcat
Facade22 jar facade22
Jasper jar jasper
Jkconfig jar jkconfig
Jkshm jar jkshm
Catalina-i18n-ja jar catalina-i18n-ja
Catalina-i18n-fr jar catalina-i18n-fr
Catalina-i18n-es jar catalina-i18n-es
Catalina-balancer jar catalina-balancer
Servlets-manager jar servlets-manager
Servlets-ssi jar servlets-ssi
Stop-tomcat jar stop-tomcat
Tomcat33-coyote jar tomcat33-coyote
Tomcat33-resource jar tomcat33-resource
Tomcat-ant jar tomcat-ant
Tomcat_core jar tomcat_core
Tomcat-i18n-es jar tomcat-i18n-es
Tomcat-i18n-fr jar tomcat-i18n-fr
Tomcat-i18n-ja jar tomcat-i18n-ja
Tomcat-jk2 jar tomcat-jk2
Tomcat-jni jar tomcat-jni
Tomcat_modules jar tomcat_modules
Tomcat parent pom pom tomcat-parent

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