group: sk.seges.acris

fresh name packaging artifact id
AcrIS Security jar acris-security-core
AcrIS Client Core jar acris-client-core
AcrIS Common jar acris-common
AcrIS Client Callbacks jar acris-callbacks
AcrIS Site core/api jar acris-site-core
AcrIS Security with Hibernate metadata jar acris-security-hibernate
Acris Widgets jar acris-widgets
AcrIS Security with spring support jar acris-security-spring
AcrIS Security with JPA metadata jar acris-security-jpa
AcrIS Binding jar acris-binding
AcrIS Reporting Core jar acris-reporting-core
AcrIS Reporting API jar acris-reporting-api
AcrIS Site with JPA metadata jar acris-site-jpa
AcrIS Server Components jar acris-server-components
acris-binding-processor jar acris-binding-processor
Acris Widgets Beantable jar acris-widgets-beantable
AcrIS BPM Activiti Engine jar acris-bpm-activiti-engine
Acris crypto support jar acris-crypto
AcrIS Security API jar acris-security-api
AcrIS Security with openid support pom acris-security-openid
AcrIS Site api jar acris-site-api
AcrIS Theme core jar acris-theme-core
AcrIS JSON Api jar acris-json-api
AcrIS Security for spring with jpa support jar acris-security-spring-jpa
AcrIS Site RPC jar acris-site-rpc
AcrIS Site Scaffold Model jar acris-site-scaffold-model
AcrIS Site with Hibernate metadata jar acris-site-hibernate
AcrIS Binding Api jar acris-binding-api
AcrIS Site Server jar acris-site-server
AcrIS Server for appengine jar acris-server-appengine
AcrIS External jar acris-external
AcrIS Security Scaffold Model jar acris-security-scaffold-model
AcrIS Security DTOs jar acris-security-dto
AcrIS Site DTOs jar acris-site-dto
acris-theme-processor jar acris-theme-processor
AcrIS Recorder RPC jar acris-recorder-rpc
AcrIS Security with openid core jar acris-security-openid-core
AcrIS Recorder DTOs jar acris-recorder-dto
AcrIS Security Scaffold model jar acris-security-openid-scaffold-model
AcrIS Event Recorder Client Core jar acris-recorder-client-core
AcrIS Security OpenID DTOs jar acris-security-openid-dto
AcrIS Recorder with JPA metadata jar acris-recorder-jpa
acris-async-service-processor jar acris-async-service-processor
AcrIS JSON jar acris-json
AcrIS Recorder Server Common jar acris-recorder-server-common
AcrIS Recorder Scaffold Model jar acris-recorder-scaffold-model
AcrIS Security for spring API jar acris-security-spring-api
acris-json-processor jar acris-json-processor
acris-bean-wrapper-processor jar acris-bean-wrapper-processor
AcrIS Security Parent pom acris-security-parent
AcrIS Asmant Site monitoring tool war acris-asmant
AcrIS Benchmark jar acris-benchmark
Acris BPM build pom acris-bpm-build
AcrIS BPM Parent pom acris-bpm-parent
AcrIS BPM Web jar acris-bpm-web
Acris Offline Content Generator jar acris-generator
Acris Image utils jar acris-image-utils
AcrIS JSON Migration jar acris-json-migration
AcrIS OS Build pom acris-os-build
AcrIS Google Web Toolkit Parent pom acris-os-gwt-parent
AcrIS Parent pom acris-os-parent
AcrIS Pivo InVersiOn jar acris-pivo
AcrIS Event Recorder Client war acris-recorder
AcrIS Recorder api jar acris-recorder-api
Acris Recorder build pom acris-recorder-build
AcrIS Recorder Parent pom acris-recorder-parent
AcrIS Recorder Server jar acris-recorder-server
AcrIS Reporting jar acris-reporting-all
AcrIS Reporting for AppEngine jar acris-reporting-appengine
Acris Reporting build pom acris-reporting-build
AcrIS Reporting Parent pom acris-reporting-parent
AcrIS Reporting User Interface jar acris-reporting-ui
AcrIS Security for appengine jar acris-security-appengine
Acris security build pom acris-security-build
AcrIS Security with gilead support jar acris-security-gilead
acris-annotation-processors pom acris-annotation-processors
acris-security-processor jar acris-security-processor
AcrIS Security with api key authentication war acris-security-rest-authentication
AcrIS Security for server jar acris-security-server
AcrIS Security for spring with hibernate support jar acris-security-spring-hibernate
AcrIS Security UI components jar acris-security-ui
Acris server build pom acris-server-build
AcrIS Server Parent pom acris-server-parent
Acris Site build pom acris-site-build
AcrIS site with gilead support jar acris-site-gilead
AcrIS Site Parent pom acris-site-parent
AcrIS Site with spring support jar acris-site-spring
AcrIS Test Support war acris-test-support
Acris Theme build pom acris-theme-build
AcrIS Metal Theme jar acris-theme-metal
AcrIS Theme Parent pom acris-theme-parent
AcrIS Shadow Theme jar acris-theme-shadow

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