group: plexus

fresh name packaging artifact id
retired Plexus Common Utilities jar plexus-utils
retired New Default Plexus Container jar plexus-container-default
retired Plexus Compiler Api jar plexus-compiler-api
retired Plexus Mail Sender API jar plexus-mail-sender-api
retired Plexus Velocity Component jar plexus-velocity
retired Plexus I18N Component jar plexus-i18n
retired Plexus Servlet jar plexus-servlet
retired Plexus Javac Component jar plexus-compiler-javac
retired Plexus Archiver Component jar plexus-archiver
retired Plexus Simple Mail Sender jar plexus-mail-sender-simple
retired Plexus Javamail Mail Sender jar plexus-mail-sender-javamail
Plexus Jetty HTTPD Component jar plexus-jetty-httpd
retired plexus jar plexus
retired Plexus Action jar plexus-action
Plexus Artifact-Enabled Container jar plexus-container-artifact
retired Plexus Application Server jar plexus-appserver
retired Plexus Notification Component jar plexus-notification
retired Plexus Formica Component jar plexus-formica
retired Plexus Summit Framework jar plexus-summit
retired Plexus Compiler Test Harness jar plexus-compiler-test
retired Plexus Password Store Component jar plexus-input-handler
Plexus Marmalade Factory jar plexus-marmalade-factory
retired Plexus JDO Component jar plexus-jdo2
retired Plexus Test Mail Sender jar plexus-mail-sender-test
retired Plexus XML-RPC Component jar plexus-xmlrpc
retired Plexus BSH Factory jar plexus-bsh-factory
retired Plexus Log4J Logger jar plexus-log4j-logging
retired Plexus Task Queue jar plexus-taskqueue
retired Plexus XMLRPC Service plexus-service plexus-service-xmlrpc
retired Plexus Formica Web Component jar plexus-formica-web
retired Plexus MSN Client Component jar plexus-msn
retired Plexus Runtime Builder jar plexus-runtime-builder
retired Plexus IRC Client Component jar plexus-ircbot
retired Plexus Jabber Client Component jar plexus-jabber
retired Plexus Jetty Service plexus-service plexus-service-jetty
retired Plexus Component Descriptor Creator jar plexus-cdc
retired Plexus Site Renderer Component jar plexus-site-renderer
retired Plexus Command Line Component jar plexus-command-line
retired Plexus Eclipse Compiler jar plexus-compiler-eclipse
retired Plexus Logging Provider Test jar plexus-logging-provider-test
retired Plexus Compiler Manager jar plexus-compiler-manager
Pull Service jar plexus-pull
retired Plexus Tools Parent Project pom plexus-tools
Plexus Werkflow Component jar plexus-werkflow
Plexus Workflow Component jar plexus-workflow
Maven-plexus-plugin plugin maven-plexus-plugin
Xstream xstream
Plexus-activity jar plexus-activity
plexus artifact-enabled container jar plexus-artifact-container
retired Plexus-avalon-personality jar plexus-avalon-personality
Plexus Bayesian Component jar plexus-bayesian
Plexus Command Component jar plexus-command
retired Plexus Compiler Parent pom plexus-compiler
retired Plexus AspectJ Compiler jar plexus-compiler-aspectj
retired Plexus C# Compiler jar plexus-compiler-csharp
retired Plexus Jikes Compiler jar plexus-compiler-jikes
Plexus Compiler Parent plexus-compiler-parent
retired Plexus Compilers Parent pom plexus-compilers
retired Plexus Component Factories pom plexus-component-factories
retired Plexus Components Parent Project pom plexus-components
retired Parent Plexus Container POM plexus-containers
Plexus DNS Server Component jar plexus-dnsserver
Plexus Drools Component plexus-drools
Plexus-formproc jar plexus-formproc
Plexus FTP Server Component jar plexus-ftpserver
Plexus-hibernate jar plexus-hibernate
Plexus-jcs jar plexus-jcs
Plexus JDO Component jar plexus-jdo
Plexus Jetty Component jar plexus-jetty
retired Plexus Logging Parent pom plexus-logging
retired Plexus Mail Sender pom plexus-mail-sender
retired Plexus Mail Senders pom plexus-mail-senders
Plexus JMX Manager Component jar plexus-manager
retired Plexus Maven Plugin maven-plugin plexus-maven-plugin
Plexus Messenger Component jar plexus-messenger
Plexus-mimetype jar plexus-mimetype
Plexus Mimetyper Component jar plexus-mimetyper
Plexus Persister Component jar plexus-persister
retired Plexus Personalities Parent Project pom plexus-personalities
Plexus-python-factory jar plexus-python-factory
retired Plexus Quartz Component jar plexus-quartz
Plexus Resource Component jar plexus-resource
Plexus plexus-root
Plexus Scheduler Component jar plexus-scheduler
Plexus-scm jar plexus-scm
retired Plexus Security Framework jar plexus-security
retired Plexus Servers Parent Project pom plexus-servers
retired Plexus Services pom plexus-services

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