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Customizable cruft-free Scala archetype. Options: -sourceFolders: [all-in-src-java, scala-only, both-split-src]. DEFAULT: all-in-src-java. --all-in-src-java: Scala and Java code are both in src/main/java (same for test). Plays nicely with IDEs. --scala-only: only src/main/scala set up, and set as source folder. --both-split-src: both src/main/java and src/main/scala. Can play merry havock with IDEs, so not the default. -testLibrary: [scalatest, specs2, scalacheck-only, junit-only]. DEFAULT: scalatest. --scalatest: adds Scalatest AND Scalacheck AND JUnit for most of your testing needs. --specs2: adds specs2 AND Scalacheck AND JUnit. --scalacheck-junit: adds Scalacheck AND JUnit. --junit-only: adds JUnit ONLY. -scalaVersion: 2.10.x+. DEFAULT: 2.11.2. *The Scala tool version is generated automatically. *Some Scala versions may not be compatible with selected test library versions. Adjust as necessary.

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