group: pentaho-kettle

fresh name packaging artifact id
PDI Core jar kettle-core
PDI Engine jar kettle-engine
PDI User Interface jar kettle-ui-swt
Kettle5-log4j-plugin zip kettle5-log4j-plugin
Kettle-engine-test jar kettle-engine-test
PDI DB Dialog jar kettle-dbdialog
Kettle-db jar kettle-db
Kettle-test jar kettle-test
Kettle-jdbc jar kettle-jdbc
Pentaho RoboChef jar robochef
Kettle-json-plugin zip kettle-json-plugin
Kettle-xml-plugin zip kettle-xml-plugin
Pentaho Data Integration SDK Database Plugin jar kettle-sdk-database-plugin
Pentaho Data Integration SDK Embedding Samples jar kettle-sdk-embedding-samples
Pentaho Data Integration SDK Job Entry Plugin jar kettle-sdk-jobentry-plugin
Pentaho Data Integration SDK Partitioner Plugin jar kettle-sdk-partitioner-plugin
Pentaho Data Integration SDK Plugin Assembly pom kettle-sdk-plugin-assembly
Pentaho Data Integration SDK Parent POM pom kettle-sdk-plugin-parent
Pentaho Data Integration SDK Step Plugin jar kettle-sdk-step-plugin
Kettle-shapefilereader-plugin zip kettle-shapefilereader-plugin
Kettle-version-checker zip kettle-version-checker
Lucid-db-streaming-loader-plugin zip lucid-db-streaming-loader-plugin
Market zip market
Ms-access-bulk-loader-plugin zip ms-access-bulk-loader-plugin
Pdi-google-analytics-plugin-ce zip pdi-google-analytics-plugin-ce
Pdi-pur-plugin zip pdi-pur-plugin
Pdi-salesforce-plugin zip pdi-salesforce-plugin
Pentaho Kettle Parent POM pom pentaho-kettle-parent-pom
Plugins pom plugins
Pentaho Community Edition Project: repositories-plugin bundle repositories-plugin
Xml-input-plugin zip xml-input-plugin
Aggregate-rows-plugin zip aggregate-rows-plugin
Xml-input-stream-plugin zip xml-input-stream-plugin
Elasticsearch-bulk-insert-plugin zip elasticsearch-bulk-insert-plugin
Get-previous-row-field-plugin zip get-previous-row-field-plugin
Gp-bulk-loader-plugin zip gp-bulk-loader-plugin
Kettle-drools5-plugin zip kettle-drools5-plugin
Kettle-dummy-plugin zip kettle-dummy-plugin
Kettle-gpload-plugin zip kettle-gpload-plugin
Kettle-hl7-plugin zip kettle-hl7-plugin
Kettle-openerp-plugin zip kettle-openerp-plugin
Kettle-palo-plugin zip kettle-palo-plugin
Kettle-s3csvinput-plugin zip kettle-s3csvinput-plugin
Kettle-sap-plugin zip kettle-sap-plugin

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