group: org.znerd

fresh name packaging artifact id Utility Library jar znerd-util
Logdoc Core jar logdoc-core
jQuery AMD Library pom jquery-amd
Lessc2java Core jar lessc2java-core
Logdoc pom logdoc
JavaScriptMVC jquery/class AMD Library pom jsmvc-jquery-class-amd
JavaScriptMVC jquery/event/destroyed AMD Library pom jsmvc-jquery-event-destroyed-amd
JavaScriptMVC jquery/dom/form_params AMD Library pom jsmvc-jquery-dom-form_params-amd
JavaScriptMVC jquery/event/hover AMD Library pom jsmvc-jquery-event-hover-amd
Lessc2java pom lessc2java
Lessc2java Ant Task jar lessc2java-ant-task
Backbone.js pom backbone-amd
Logdoc Ant Tasks jar logdoc-ant-tasks
Logdoc Log4J Support jar logdoc-log4j
Logdoc Maven Plugins maven-plugin logdoc-maven-plugin
Logdoc Sample Project jar logdoc-sample-project
Logdoc SLF4J Support jar logdoc-slf4j
Modernizr AMD Library with Session Storage, Shiv, CSS classes and Load options pom modernizr-sessionstorage-shiv-cssclasses-load
Modernizr AMD Library with Session Storage, Shiv, CSS classes and Load options pom modernizr-sessionstorage-shiv-cssclasses-load-amd
Twitter Bootstrap Carousel AMD library pom twitter-bootstrap-carousel-amd
User Agent Sniffer jar uasniffer
XMLenc jar xmlenc OSS Parent pom znerd-oss-parent
Lessc2java Maven Plugin maven-plugin lessc2java-maven-plugin
Google Chrome Frame installation script AMD artifact pom cfinstall-amd
Handlebars.js AMD Library pom handlebarsjs-amd
JavaScript Libraries pom javascript-libraries
jQuery UI AMD Library pom jquery-ui-amd
JavaScriptMVC jquery/controller AMD Library pom jsmvc-jquery-controller-amd
JavaScriptMVC jquery/dom-cookie AMD Library pom jsmvc-jquery-dom-cookie-amd

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