group: org.zalando

fresh name packaging artifact id
Problem: Spring Web jar problem-spring-web
Jackson-datatype-Problem jar jackson-datatype-problem
Faux Pas jar faux-pas
Riptide: Core jar riptide-core
Riptide: HTTP Client jar riptide-httpclient
Logbook: Core jar logbook-core
Logbook: API jar logbook-api
Tracer: Core jar tracer-core
Problem jar problem
Fahrschein jar fahrschein
Riptide: Capture jar riptide-capture
Logbook: Test jar logbook-test
Logbook: Spring Boot Starter jar logbook-spring-boot-starter
Tracer: Spring Boot Starter jar tracer-spring-boot-starter
Logbook: Servlet jar logbook-servlet
Logbook: HTTP Client jar logbook-httpclient
Jackson-datatype-Money jar jackson-datatype-money
Riptide: Stream jar riptide-stream
Fahrschein HTTP API jar fahrschein-http-api
swagger1st jar swagger1st
Fahrschein Test Support jar fahrschein-test-support
Riptide: Metrics jar riptide-metrics
Riptide: Spring Boot API jar riptide-spring-boot-api
Tracer: AspectJ jar tracer-aspectj
Riptide: Faults jar riptide-faults
Riptide: Timeout jar riptide-timeout
Riptide: Failsafe jar riptide-failsafe
Tracer: Servlet jar tracer-servlet
Riptide: Backup jar riptide-backup
Tracer: HttpClient jar tracer-httpclient
Fahrschein In-Memory Cursor Management jar fahrschein-inmemory
Fahrschein JDBC Cursor Management jar fahrschein-jdbc
Zalando Boot Etcd :: Library jar zalando-boot-etcd
Nakadi Event Producer jar nakadi-producer
Kontrolletti Java Client API jar kontrolletti-client-java-api
Fahrschein HTTP Client using Apache HttpComponents jar fahrschein-http-apache
Fahrschein Type Resolver jar fahrschein-typeresolver
Zalando Boot Etcd :: Starter jar zalando-boot-etcd-starter
Fahrschein HTTP Client using HttpURLConnection jar fahrschein-http-simple
Riptide: Spring Boot 1.x Support jar riptide-spring-boot-1.x-support
Riptide: Hystrix jar riptide-hystrix
Riptide: Spring Boot 2.x Support jar riptide-spring-boot-2.x-support
Riptide: Exceptions jar riptide-exceptions
Fahrschein HTTP Spring Adapter jar fahrschein-http-spring
spring-boot-etcd jar spring-boot-etcd
Resource Locking :: Library jar resource-locking
Zalando Boot Etcd :: AutoConfigure jar zalando-boot-etcd-autoconfigure
Riptide jar riptide
Problem: Violations jar problem-violations
Axiom Web Vertx Swagger jar vertx-swagger
Straw zip straw
Resource Locking :: Starter jar resource-locking-starter
Resource Locking :: Autoconfigure jar resource-locking-autoconfigure
Nakadi Event Producer: Spring Boot Starter jar nakadi-producer-spring-boot-starter
Problem: Spring Common jar problem-spring-common
Spring Cloud Config AWS KMS jar spring-cloud-config-aws-kms
money-validation jar money-validation
scarl jar scarl_2.11
spark-json-schema jar spark-json-schema_2.10
spark-json-schema jar spark-json-schema_2.11
spring-boot-cassandra jar spring-boot-cassandra
spring-web-logging jar spring-web-logging
Switchboard jar switchboard
Tarbela Event Producer: Spring Boot Starter jar tarbela-producer-spring-boot-starter
testmailserver jar testmailserver
test-service-kit jar test-service-kit_2.11
test-service-kit jar test-service-kit_2.12
Toga jar toga
Tracer: Benchmark jar tracer-benchmark
Tracer: Bill of Materials pom tracer-bom
Tracer: Hystrix jar tracer-hystrix
Tracer: JUnit jar tracer-junit
Tracer: HttpClient jar tracer-okhttp
Tracer pom tracer-parent
Tracing-lightstep-guice-starter jar tracing-lightstep-guice-starter
Tracing-lightstep-spring-boot-starter jar tracing-lightstep-spring-boot-starter
twintip-spring-web jar twintip-spring-web
Axiom Web Vertx Krueger jar vertx-krueger
Zalando Boot Etcd :: Project pom zalando-boot-etcd-project
Zalando Boot Etcd :: Sample jar zalando-boot-etcd-sample
zjsonpatch jar zjsonpatch
Spring-Boot-Starter - AWS-Support jar aws-support-spring-boot-starter
zmon-opentracing jar zmon-opentracing
baigan-config jar baigan-config
Mojo's Cassandra Maven Plugin maven-plugin cassandra-maven-plugin
EmSig jar emsig
Fahrschein Example jar fahrschein-example
Fahrschein Metrics using Dropwizard jar fahrschein-metrics-dropwizard
Fahrschein Parent pom fahrschein-parent
Fahrschein Redis Cursor Management jar fahrschein-redis
Failsafe-Actuator jar failsafe-actuator
flatjson zip flatjson
friboo jar friboo
Grafana pom grafana
grafter jar grafter_2.11
grafter jar grafter_2.12
hutmann jar hutmann_2.11
hutmann jar hutmann_2.12
Jackson-module-Unknown-Property jar jackson-module-unknown-property
java-conventions-gradle-plugin jar java-conventions-gradle-plugin
kanadi jar kanadi_2.11
kanadi jar kanadi_2.12
Kontrolletti Java Client pom kontrolletti-client-java
Kontrolletti Java Client Hystrix jar kontrolletti-client-java-hystrix
Kontrolletti Java Client Spring jar kontrolletti-client-java-spring
log4j2-json-layout jar log4j2-json-layout
Logbook: Bill of Materials pom logbook-bom
Logbook: JAX-RS jar logbook-jaxrs
Logbook: OkHttp jar logbook-okhttp
Logbook pom logbook-parent
Logbook: Spring jar logbook-spring
markscheider jar markscheider_2.11
markscheider jar markscheider_2.12
Nakadi zip nakadi
nakadi-plugin-api jar nakadi-plugin-api
Nakadi Event Producer Reactor pom nakadi-producer-reactor
Nakadi-producer-starter-spring-boot-2-test jar nakadi-producer-starter-spring-boot-2-test
Opentracing-java pom opentracing-java
play-etcd-watcher jar play-etcd-watcher_2.11
play-etcd-watcher jar play-etcd-watcher_2.12
play-sweetcherry jar play-sweetcherry_2.11
play-zhewbacca jar play-zhewbacca_2.11
play-zhewbacca jar play-zhewbacca_2.12
Problem: Parent pom problem-parent
Problem: Spring Parent pom problem-spring-parent
Problem: Spring Webflux jar problem-spring-webflux
Put it to REST! jar put-it-to-rest
Resource Locking :: Project pom resource-locking-project
Resource Locking :: Sample jar resource-locking-sample
Riptide: Bill of Materials pom riptide-bom
Riptide pom riptide-parent
Riptide: Problem jar riptide-problem
Riptide: Spring Boot Starter jar riptide-spring-boot-starter
sbt-stups jar sbt-stups_2.10_0.13
sbt-stups jar sbt-stups_2.12_1.0
scala-jsonapi jar scala-jsonapi_2.10
scala-jsonapi jar scala-jsonapi_2.11
scala-typesafe-config-tokens jar scala-typesafe-config-tokens_2.11
scala-typesafe-config-tokens jar scala-typesafe-config-tokens_2.12

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