group: org.wso2.wsas

fresh name packaging artifact id
Core jar wso2wsas-core
Admin jar wso2wsas-admin
Sample/Chad jar wso2wsas-samples-chad
Sample/Trader jar wso2wsas-samples-trader
Sample/TinyURL jar wso2wsas-samples-tinyurl
Sample/CommodityQuote jar wso2wsas-samples-commodityquote
Clustering jar wso2wsas-clustering
Sample/JavascriptService jar wso2wsas-samples-Javascript-service
WSO2 WSAS - UI styles bundle org.wso2.wsas.styles
Samples pom wso2wsas-samples
Sample/DataService jar wso2wsas-samples-data-service
Sample/EJBService jar wso2wsas-samples-ejb-service
Sample/Eventing pom wso2wsas-samples-eventing
Sample/Eventing/client jar wso2wsas-samples-eventing-client
Sample/Eventing/consumer jar wso2wsas-samples-eventing-consumer
Sample/Eventing/publisher jar wso2wsas-samples-eventing-publisher
WSO2 Web Services Application Server - Sample/Flickr Client jar wso2wsas-samples-FlickrClient
Sample/HelloWorld jar wso2wsas-samples-helloworld
Sample/JAXWS jar wso2wsas-samples-jaxws
Sample/JIBX jar wso2wsas-samples-jibx
Sample/MEX jar wso2wsas-samples-mex
Sample/MTOM jar wso2wsas-samples-mtom
Sample/NodeManagement jar wso2wsas-samples-NodeManagement
Sample/STS jar wso2wsas-samples-sts-service
Sample/xfer jar wso2wsas-samples-xfer
Sample/XKMS jar wso2wsas-samples-xkms
WSO2 Web Services Application Server pom org.wso2.wsas
Web Resources pom wso2wsas-www
WSAS Style - Feature pom org.wso2.wsas.styles.feature
WSO2 WSAS pom wsas-parent
Distribution jar wso2wsas
Documentation pom wso2wsas-documentation
WSO2 WSAS - Features pom wso2wsas-features
Integration jar wso2wsas-integration
WSO2 WSAS - P2 Profile Generation pom wso2wsas-p2-profile-gen
WSO2 WSAS - Parent pom wso2wsas-parent

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