group: org.wso2.msf4j

fresh name packaging artifact id
WSO2 MSF4J core bundle msf4j-core
WSO2 MSF4J Feature carbon-feature org.wso2.msf4j.feature
WSO2 MSF4J - Microservice Archetype maven-archetype msf4j-microservice
WSO2 MSF4J Swagger bundle msf4j-swagger
WSO2 MSF4J Analytics bundle msf4j-analytics
JAX-RS Delegates bundle jaxrs-delegates
MSF4J - All in one jar file jar msf4j-all
WSO2 MSF4J Analytics Common bundle msf4j-analytics-common
WSO2 MSF4J Spring bundle msf4j-spring
Zipkin Tracing Module jar zipkin-tracing
WSO2 MSF4J Deployer Feature carbon-feature org.wso2.msf4j.deployer.feature
WSO2 MSF4j - Test - Distribution pom wso2-msf4j-tests
WSO2 MSF4J Deployer bundle msf4j-deployer
MSF4J-Parent pom msf4j-service
WSO2 MSF4J Mustache template engine integration jar msf4j-mustache-template
Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - utils jar petstore-util
Spring-helloworld jar spring-helloworld
Spring-profile jar spring-profile
Sample: Stockquote microservice (OSGi Bundle) bundle stockquote-bundle
Sample: Stockquote microservice (Deployable Jar) jar stockquote-deployable-jar
Sample: WebSocket Chat Application (OSGi Bundle) bundle websocket-chatApp-bundle
Sample: WebSocket Chat Application (Fatjar Mode) jar websocket-chatApp-sample
WSO2 DAS MSF4J message tracing C-App zip wso2das-msf4j-tracing
WSO2 MSF4J Server - Distribution Pack pom wso2msf4j-dist
WSO2 MSF4J OSGi tests jar wso2-msf4j-osgi-test
Sample: Securing microservices in MSF4J using OAuth2 jar oauth2-security
Sample: WebSocket Chat App (Deployable Jar) jar chatapp-deployable-jar
Jwtaccesstokenbuilder bundle JWTAccessTokenBuilder
Jwt-claims pom jwt-claims
Sample: Microservices in MSF4J with signed JWT jar jwt-sample
Msf4j zip msf4j
WSO2 MSF4J client bundle msf4j-client
WSO2 MSF4J - Parent Pom pom msf4j-parent
WSO2 msf4j - Tests pom msf4j-tests
Sample: Securing microservices in MSF4J using OAuth2 jar basicauth-security
Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet Store Microservices Solution pom petstore
Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - file server microservice jar petstore-fileserver
Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - pet microservice jar petstore-pet
Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - security microservice jar petstore-security
Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - transaction microservice jar petstore-txn

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