group: org.wso2.appserver

fresh name packaging artifact id
WSO2 AppServer - UI styles bundle org.wso2.appserver.styles
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - UI styles bundle org.wso2.stratos.appserver.styles
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Dashboard UI bundle org.wso2.stratos.appserver.dashboard.ui
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Sample Installer bundle org.wso2.stratos.appserver.sample.installer.ui
WSO2 AS - Login User Interface bundle org.wso2.stratos.appserver.login.ui
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Deployment bundle org.wso2.stratos.appserver.deployment
WSO2 Application Server - Core pom org.wso2.appserver.mandatory.feature
WSO2 Carbon - Mashup pom org.wso2.appserver.mashup.feature
WSO2 Carbon - Miscellaneous pom org.wso2.appserver.miscellaneous.feature
Miscellaneous pom org.wso2.appserver.miscellaneous.nested.category.feature
WSO2 Carbon - Module Management pom org.wso2.appserver.module.mgt.feature
WSO2 Carbon - Monitoring pom org.wso2.appserver.monitoring.feature
Monitoring pom org.wso2.appserver.monitoring.nested.category.feature
Tenancy Management pom org.wso2.appserver.multi-tenancy.nested.category.feature
WSO2 AppServer - Nested Feature Categories pom org.wso2.appserver.nested.categories
WSO2 AppServer - Registry pom org.wso2.appserver.registry.feature
Registry/Repository pom org.wso2.appserver.registry-repository.nested.category.feature
WSO2 Carbon - Application and Service Hosting pom
WSO2 Carbon - Application and Service Security pom
Single Sign On(SAML2) pom org.wso2.appserver.single-sign-on.nested.category.feature
WSO2 AppServer - Style Features pom org.wso2.appserver.styles.feature
AppServer Styles pom org.wso2.appserver.styling.nested.category.feature
AppServer Tools pom org.wso2.appserver.tooling.nested.category.feature
WSO2 Carbon - Tools pom
WSO2 Application Server - Transports pom org.wso2.appserver.transports.feature
User Management pom org.wso2.appserver.user-mgt.nested.category.feature
WSO2 AppServer - Utils Features pom org.wso2.appserver.utils.feature
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Dashboard UI Features pom org.wso2.stratos.appserver.dashboard.ui.feature
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Deployment Features pom org.wso2.stratos.appserver.deployment.feature
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Deployment Features pom org.wso2.stratos.appserver.login.ui.feature
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Dashboard UI Features pom org.wso2.stratos.appserver.sample.installer.ui.feature
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Style Features pom org.wso2.stratos.appserver.styles.feature
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Utils Features pom org.wso2.stratos.appserver.utils.feature
Samples/JAXWS-JAXRS pom wso2appserver-cxf-samples
Samples/JAXWS-JAXRS Security pom wso2appserver-cxf-security-samples
WSO2 AppServer - Features Parent pom wso2appserver-features-parent
WSO2 AppServer - Parent pom wso2appserver-parent
WSO2 AppServer - AppServer Profile Generation pom wso2appserver-profile-gen
Samples pom wso2appserver-samples
Sample/Chad jar wso2appserver-samples-chad
Sample/Client API jar wso2appserver-samples-clientapi
Sample/CommodityQuote jar wso2appserver-samples-commodityquote
Sample/EJBLibrary pom wso2appserver-samples-ejb
Sample/FlickrClient jar wso2appserver-samples-FlickrClient
Sample/HelloWorld jar wso2appserver-samples-helloworld
Sample/JAXWS jar wso2appserver-samples-jaxws
Sample/JIBX jar wso2appserver-samples-jibx
Sample/JSON jar wso2appserver-samples-json
Library EJB module ejb wso2appserver-samples-libraryEJB
Sample/Mail Transport jar wso2appserver-samples-mail
Sample/MEX jar wso2appserver-samples-mex
Samples/LogModule jar wso2appserver-samples-module
Sample/MTOM jar wso2appserver-samples-mtom
WSO2 AppServer - Samples Parent pom wso2appserver-samples-parent
Sample/STS jar wso2appserver-samples-sts-service
Sample/TinyURL jar wso2appserver-samples-tinyurl
Sample/Trader jar wso2appserver-samples-trader
Sample/xfer jar wso2appserver-samples-xfer
Sample/XKMS jar wso2appserver-samples-xkms
WSO2 AppServer - Styles Parent pom wso2appserver-styles-parent
Web app version Samples pom wso2appserver-version-samples
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Features Aggregator Module pom wso2stratos-as-features
WSO2 Carbon - AS Composite Features Aggregator Module pom appserver-composite-feature-parent
WSO2 Stratos AppServer - Samples pom wso2stratos-as-samples
WSO2 AppServer - Features Aggregator Module pom appserver-features
WSO2 AS - Integration Tests jar integration
Application Hosting pom org.wso2.appserver.application-hosting.nested.category.feature
Application Management pom org.wso2.appserver.application-mgt.nested.category.feature
WSO2 Carbon - BAM Data Publisher pom

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