group: org.wildfly

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WildFly: Full Feature Pack pom wildfly-feature-pack
WildFly: Servlet Feature Pack pom wildfly-servlet-feature-pack
WildFly: Build Configuration jar wildfly-build-config
WildFly: Naming Subsystem jar wildfly-naming
WildFly: Web Common Classes jar wildfly-web-common
WildFly: EE jar wildfly-ee
WildFly: Undertow jar wildfly-undertow
WildFly: Server jar wildfly-server
WildFly: Arquillian Managed Container jar wildfly-arquillian-container-managed
WildFly: Transaction Subsystem jar wildfly-transactions
WildFly: Subsystem Test POM pom wildfly-subsystem-test
WildFly: Security Subsystem jar wildfly-security
WildFly: Controller Core jar wildfly-controller
WildFly: Common code for clustering subsystems jar wildfly-clustering-common
WildFly: Connector Subsystem jar wildfly-connector
WildFly: Web Subsystem jar wildfly-web
WildFly: Clustering public API jar wildfly-clustering-api
WildFly: EJB Subsystem jar wildfly-ejb3
WildFly: Distribution jar wildfly-dist
WildFly: Weld Subsystem jar wildfly-weld
WildFly: Controller Client jar wildfly-controller-client
WildFly: Clustering SPI jar wildfly-clustering-spi
WildFly: Clustering services jar wildfly-clustering-service
WildFly: JPA Subsystem jar wildfly-jpa
WildFly: Web Services Server Integration Subsystem jar wildfly-webservices-server-integration
WildFly: Infinispan SPI jar wildfly-clustering-infinispan-spi
WildFly: System JMX Module jar wildfly-system-jmx
WildFly: JGroups SPI jar wildfly-clustering-jgroups-spi
WildFly: Embedded jar wildfly-embedded
WildFly: Web session clustering SPI jar wildfly-clustering-web-spi
WildFly: EE clustering - Infinispan service provider jar wildfly-clustering-ee-infinispan
WildFly: JMX Subsystem jar wildfly-jmx
WildFly: JAX-RS Integration jar wildfly-jaxrs
WildFly Naming Client jar wildfly-naming-client
WildFly: EJB Client BOM pom wildfly-ejb-client-bom
WildFly: JGroups API jar wildfly-clustering-jgroups-api
WildFly: Threading Subsystem jar wildfly-threads
WildFly: EE clustering SPI jar wildfly-clustering-ee-spi
jipijapa SPI jar jipijapa-spi
WildFly: Arquillian Embedded Container jar wildfly-arquillian-container-embedded
WildFly: JMS Client BOM pom wildfly-jms-client-bom
WildFly: Network jar wildfly-network
WildFly: Infinispan subsystem jar wildfly-clustering-infinispan-extension
WildFly: IIOP Openjdk Subsystem jar wildfly-iiop-openjdk
WildFly: Subsystem Test Harness jar wildfly-subsystem-test-framework
WildFly: SFSB clustering - SPI jar wildfly-clustering-ejb-spi
WildFly: Common Code for Subsystem and Non-subsystem Test Harness jar wildfly-model-test
WildFly: Command line interface jar wildfly-cli
WildFly: Arquillian Common jar wildfly-arquillian-common
WildFly: JGroups Subsystem jar wildfly-clustering-jgroups-extension
WildFly: JSF Subsystem jar wildfly-jsf
WildFly: Web session clustering API jar wildfly-clustering-web-api
WildFly: Bean Validation jar wildfly-bean-validation
WildFly: mod_cluster Extension jar wildfly-mod_cluster-extension
WildFly: JSF Injection Handlers jar wildfly-jsf-injection
WildFly: Arquillian Remote Container jar wildfly-arquillian-container-remote
WildFly: Infinispan modules pom wildfly-clustering-infinispan
WildFly: Singleton API jar wildfly-clustering-singleton-api
WildFly: JBeret Integration jar wildfly-jberet
WildFly: JDR jar wildfly-jdr
WildFly: Clustering integration with JBoss Marshalling jar wildfly-clustering-marshalling-jboss
WildFly: Security Manager Subsystem jar wildfly-security-manager
WildFly: JacORB Subsystem jar wildfly-jacorb
WildFly: Host Controller jar wildfly-host-controller
WildFly: Messaging Subsystem With ActiveMQ Artemis jar wildfly-messaging-activemq
WildFly: Clustering marshalling API jar wildfly-clustering-marshalling-api
WildFly: (Legacy) Messaging Subsystem jar wildfly-messaging
WildFly: Singleton modules pom wildfly-clustering-singleton
WildFly: Domain Management jar wildfly-domain-management
WildFly: EJB and JMS client combined jar jar wildfly-client-all
WildFly: Version jar wildfly-version
WildFly: PicketLink Subsystem jar wildfly-picketlink
WildFly: Core Security Utilities jar wildfly-core-security
WildFly: Protocol Utilities jar wildfly-protocol
WildFly: Mail subsystem jar wildfly-mail
WildFly: Config Assembly jar wildfly-config-assembly
WildFly: Deployment Repository jar wildfly-deployment-repository
WildFly: JGroups modules pom wildfly-clustering-jgroups
jipijapa EclipseLink integration jar jipijapa-eclipselink
WildFly: Weld Common Tools jar wildfly-weld-common
WildFly: Batch Integration Subsystem jar wildfly-batch
WildFly: Weld Subsystem SPI jar wildfly-weld-spi
WildFly: Web session clustering - Undertow integration jar wildfly-clustering-web-undertow
WildFly: Core Model Test Framework jar wildfly-core-model-test-framework
WildFly: Application Client Bootstrap jar wildfly-appclient
WildFly: Web session clustering - Infinispan service provider jar wildfly-clustering-web-infinispan
WildFly: EJB Container Managed Persistence Subsystem jar wildfly-cmp
WildFly: XTS Subsystem jar wildfly-xts
WildFly: JSR-77 Subsystem jar wildfly-jsr77
WildFly: JAXR Client jar wildfly-jaxr
WildFly: Service Archive Subsystem jar wildfly-sar
WildFly: POJO Subsystem jar wildfly-pojo
WildFly: Clustering API implementation jar wildfly-clustering-server
WildFly: Build pom wildfly-build
WildFly: RTS Subsystem jar wildfly-rts
WildFly: mod_cluster Undertow Integration jar wildfly-mod_cluster-undertow
WildFly: Patching Core jar wildfly-patching
WildFly: Platform MBean integration jar wildfly-platform-mbean
WildFly: SFSB clustering - Infinispan integration jar wildfly-clustering-ejb-infinispan
WildFly: IO Subsystem jar wildfly-io
WildFly: Remoting Subsystem jar wildfly-remoting
WildFly: Process Controller jar wildfly-process-controller
jipijapa Hibernate 5.x (JPA 2.1) integration jar jipijapa-hibernate5
WildFly: Security Subsystem API jar wildfly-security-api
WildFly Test Suite: Shared jar wildfly-testsuite-shared
WildFly: Clustering marshalling modules pom wildfly-clustering-marshalling
WildFly: Arquillian Protocol JMX jar wildfly-arquillian-protocol-jmx
WildFly: Web Feature Pack pom wildfly-web-feature-pack
WildFly: Batch Integration Subsystem (JBeret implementation) jar wildfly-batch-jberet
WildFly: MicroProfile Config Implementation jar wildfly-microprofile-config-implementation
WildFly: MicroProfile Config Feature pack pom wildfly-microprofile-config-feature-pack
Wildfly: Config Admin jar wildfly-configadmin
WildFly: Management Client Content jar wildfly-management-client-content
WildFly: Arquillian Common Domain jar wildfly-arquillian-common-domain
WildFly: Arquillian TestEnricher MSC jar wildfly-arquillian-testenricher-msc
WildFly: Domain HTTP Interface jar wildfly-domain-http-interface
WildFly: Exported Java EE Specification APIs pom wildfly-spec-api
WildFly: Clustering marshalling SPI jar wildfly-clustering-marshalling-spi
jipijapa Hibernate 4.3.x (JPA 2.1) integration jar jipijapa-hibernate4-3
jipijapa OpenJPA integration jar jipijapa-openjpa
WildFly: Clustered registry service jar wildfly-clustering-registry
jipijapa Hibernate 4.1.x + 4.2.x (JPA 2.0) integration jar jipijapa-hibernate4-1
WildFly: OSGi Subsystem jar wildfly-osgi-service
WildFly: Singleton extension jar wildfly-clustering-singleton-extension
WildFly: JPA UTIL jar wildfly-jpa-util
WildFly: Web session clustering - HotRod service provider jar wildfly-clustering-web-hotrod
WildFly: Core Model Test Controller Optional jar wildfly-core-model-test-controller-optional
WildFly: Domain HTTP Error Context jar wildfly-domain-http-error-context
WildFly: Deployment Scanner jar wildfly-deployment-scanner
WildFly: Logging Subsystem jar wildfly-logging
WildFly: Core Model Test Controller 7.1.2 jar wildfly-core-model-test-controller-7.1.2
WildFly: Subsystem Test Controller 7.1.2 jar wildfly-subsystem-test-controller-7.1.2
WildFly: Clustering marshalling Infinispan adapters jar wildfly-clustering-marshalling-infinispan
WildFly: MicroProfile Config Extension jar wildfly-microprofile-config-extension
WildFly: Core Security API jar wildfly-core-security-api
WildFly: Subsystem Test Controller 7.2.0 jar wildfly-subsystem-test-controller-7.2.0
WildFly: Core Model Test Controller 7.2.0 jar wildfly-core-model-test-controller-7.2.0
WildFly: Clustering Server API implementation jar wildfly-clustering-impl
WildFly: Weld Bean Validation jar wildfly-weld-bean-validation
WildFly: Weld JPA jar wildfly-weld-jpa
WildFly: EE clustering - HotRod service provider jar wildfly-clustering-ee-hotrod
WildFly: Weld Webservices jar wildfly-weld-webservices
WildFly: Weld EJB jar wildfly-weld-ejb
WildFly: Weld Transactions jar wildfly-weld-transactions
WildFly: JPA SPI jar wildfly-jpa-spi
WildFly: Clustered Stateful Session Bean cache Infinispan provider jar wildfly-clustering-ejb3-infinispan
WildFly Mail RA API jar mail-ra-api
WildFly: Parent Aggregator pom wildfly-parent
WildFly: Web session clustering - Catalina integration jar wildfly-clustering-web-catalina
WildFly: OSGi Integration WebApp jar wildfly-osgi-web
WildFly: ModCluster Subsystem jar wildfly-modcluster
WildFly: Hibernate 4.0.x JPA integration jar wildfly-jpa-hibernate4
WildFly: OSGi Integration JPA bundle wildfly-osgi-jpa
WildFly: OSGi Integration ConfigAdmin bundle wildfly-osgi-configadmin
WildFly: OSGi Integration JMX jar wildfly-osgi-jmx
WildFly: Clustering annotations jar wildfly-clustering-annotations
WildFly: OSGi Integration Naming jar wildfly-osgi-naming
WildFly: OSGi Integration JTA jar wildfly-osgi-jta
WildFly: OSGi Integration Http bundle wildfly-osgi-http
WildFly: OpenJPA 2.x JPA integration jar wildfly-jpa-openjpa
WildFly: mod_cluster JBossWeb integration jar wildfly-mod_cluster-web
WildFly: Hibernate 3.6.x JPA integration jar wildfly-jpa-hibernate3
WildFly: MicroProfile Health Feature pack pom wildfly-microprofile-health-feature-pack
WildFly: MicroProfile Health Extension jar wildfly-microprofile-health-extension
Api-gen jar api-gen
WildFly: Web Services Tests Integration Subsystem jar wildfly-webservices-tests-integration
WildFly: Build Modular jar wildfly-build-modular
Config-lib jar config-lib
WildFly: Core Model Tests jar wildfly-core-model-test-tests
WildFly: Servlet Distribution jar wildfly-servlet-dist
WildFly: Build Web pom wildfly-web-build
WildFly: MicroProfile Config TCK jar wildlfy-microprofile-config-tck
WildFly: Distribution pom wildfly-dist-parent
WildFly: Arquillian Remote Domain Container jar wildfly-arquillian-container-domain-remote
WildFly: mod_cluster Subsystem pom wildfly-mod_cluster
WildFly: MicroProfile Config pom wildfly-microprofile-config
WildFly: MicroProfile Health TCK jar wildfly-microprofile-health-tck
WildFly Mail RA IMPL jar mail-ra-impl
WildFly: Arquillian TestNG Integration jar wildfly-arquillian-testng-integration
WildFly: MicroProfile Config Distribution jar wildfly-microprofile-config-dist
WildFly: JSF pom wildfly-jsf-parent
WildFly: OSGi Integration pom wildfly-osgi-integration
WildFly: IO Subsystem tests jar wildfly-io-tests
WildFly: Remoting Subsystem Test jar wildfly-remoting-test
WildFly: JBoss Diagnostic Reporter pom jdr
WildFly: Examples for MicroProfile Health pom microprofile-health-examples
Api-gen-parent pom api-gen-parent
WildFly: Arquillian Managed Domain Container jar wildfly-arquillian-container-domain-managed
WildFly: EE clustering pom wildfly-clustering-ee
WildFly: Validation Tests for Exported Java EE Specification APIs jar wildfly-spec-api-test
WildFly: Security Subsystem parent pom wildfly-security-parent
WildFly: Batch Integration pom wildfly-batch-parent
WildFly: EJB Legacy Client BOM pom wildfly-ejb-client-legacy-bom
WildFly: SFSB clustering pom wildfly-clustering-ejb
WildFly: Core Model Test Parent pom wildfly-subsystem-test-parent
WildFly: Example for MicroProfile Health (Simple) war microprofile-health-simple-example
WildFly: Servlet Build pom wildfly-servlet-build
WildFly: Web Distribution jar wildfly-web-dist
WildFly: OSGi pom wildfly-osgi
WildFly: Core Model Test Parent pom wildfly-core-model-test
WildFly: JSF Multi-JSF installer jar wildfly-jsf-installer
WildFly: Subsystem Test Framework Tests jar wildfly-subsystem-test-tests
WildFly Mail Resource Adapter zip mail-ra
WildFly: JPA pom wildfly-jpa-parent
WildFly: MicroProfile Config - Test Suite pom wildfly-microprofile-config-testsuite
WildFly: Remoting Subsystem parent pom wildfly-remoting-parent
WildFly: OSGi Launcher jar wildfly-osgi-launcher
WildFly: Web Services Subsystem pom wildfly-webservices
WildFly: Weld pom wildfly-weld-parent
WildFly: Domain HTTP Interface pom wildfly-domain-http
WildFly: Web session clustering pom wildfly-clustering-web
WildFly: MicroProfile Health zip wildfly-microprofile-health
WildFly: IO aggregator pom wildfly-io-bom
WildFly: Core Security parent pom wildfly-core-security-parent
WildFly: Core Distribution pom wildfly-core
WildFly: MicroProfile Health Distribution jar wildfly-microprofile-health-dist
WildFly: Clustering Subsystems pom wildfly-clustering
WildFly: Arquillian pom wildfly-arquillian
WildFly: MicroProfile Config - WildFly Test Suite jar wildfly-microprofile-config-testsuite-wildfly

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