group: org.visallo

fresh name packaging artifact id
Visallo: Core jar visallo-core
Visallo: Core: Plugin: Model: Vertexium jar visallo-model-vertexium
Visallo: Web: Base jar visallo-web
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker: Plugin Test jar visallo-graph-property-worker-plugin-test
Visallo: Core: Plugin: Model: Vertexium InMemory jar visallo-model-vertexium-inmemory
Visallo: Core: Plugin: Model: Queue: InMemory jar visallo-model-queue-inmemory
Visallo: Core: Plugin: Model: Vertexium Elasticsearch jar visallo-model-vertexium-elasticsearch
Visallo: Core Test jar visallo-core-test
Visallo: Common: RDF jar visallo-common-rdf
Visallo: Web: Server: Jetty jar visallo-jetty-server
Visallo-tools-ontology-ingest-common jar visallo-tools-ontology-ingest-common
Visallo: Web: Client API jar visallo-client-api
Visallo: Tools: Import jar visallo-tools-import
Visallo: Tools: OWL jar visallo-tools-owl
Visallo: Web: Server: Base jar visallo-web-server-base
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker: Plugin: Mime Type Ontology Mapper jar visallo-gpw-mime-type-ontology-mapper
Visallo: Tools: CLI jar visallo-cli
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker: Plugin: Phone Number Extractor jar visallo-gpw-phone-number-extractor
Visallo: Web: Plugin: Username-only Authentication jar visallo-web-auth-username-only
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker: Plugin: Tika Mime Type Mapper jar visallo-gpw-tika-mime-type
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker: Plugin: Tika Text Extractor jar visallo-gpw-tika-text-extractor
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker: Plugin: Zip Code Extractor jar visallo-gpw-zipcode-extractor
Visallo: Web: Plugin: Admin User Tools jar visallo-web-plugins-admin-user-tools
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker: Plugin: E-Mail Address Extractor jar visallo-gpw-email-extractor
Visallo: Closure Compiler jar visallo-closure-compiler
Visallo: Web: Plugins: Admin Import RDF jar visallo-web-admin-import-rdf
Visallo: Tools: RDF Import jar visallo-tools-rdf-import
Visallo: Web: Plugin: Admin User Tools: User Property Authorization jar visallo-web-plugins-admin-user-property-auth
Visallo: Web: Plugin: Admin User Tools: User Property Privileges jar visallo-web-plugins-admin-user-property-privileges
Visallo: Web: Structured Ingest: Core jar visallo-web-structured-ingest-core
Visallo: Web: Plugin: Graph Work Product jar visallo-web-product-graph
Visallo: Web: Plugin: Map Work Product jar visallo-web-product-map
Visallo: Tools - Migration Workspace to Work Product jar visallo-tools-migration-workspace-to-workproduct
Visallo: Core: Plugin: Ingest: Cloud: S3 jar visallo-ingest-cloud-s3
Visallo: Tools - Bump Graph Version jar visallo-tools-migration-graph-version-bump
Visallo: Web: Structured Ingest: Parquet jar visallo-web-structured-ingest-parquet
Visallo: Web: Server: Tomcat jar visallo-tomcat-server
Visallo: Web: Structured Ingest: Spreadsheets jar visallo-web-structured-ingest-spreadsheet
Visallo: Tools: Run GPW jar visallo-tools-run-gpw
Visallo: Web: Plugins: Table jar visallo-web-table
Visallo: Tools: Format jar visallo-tools-format
Visallo: Tools: User Admin jar visallo-tools-user-admin
Visallo: Tools - Migration Core jar visallo-tools-migration-core
Visallo: Tools - Migration Predefined to Dynamic Ontology jar visallo-tools-migration-predefined-to-dynamic-ontology
Visallo: Tools: Graph Check jar visallo-tools-graph-check
Visallo-tools-ontology-ingest-codegen jar visallo-tools-ontology-ingest-codegen
Visallo: Tools: Reindex jar visallo-tools-reindex
Webster: Minimalist Web Framework jar webster
Webster: Minimalist Web Framework: jar webster-socketio
Visallo: Web: Client API: Code Generator jar visallo-client-api-codegen
Visallo: Common pom visallo-common
Visallo: Config File Examples pom visallo-config-example
Visallo: Core Group pom visallo-core-group
Visallo: Core: Plugins pom visallo-core-plugins-group
Visallo: Dev pom visallo-dev
Visallo: Dev: CLI jar visallo-dev-cli
Visallo: Dev: Jetty Server jar visallo-dev-jetty-server
Visallo: Dev: Tomcat Server jar visallo-dev-tomcat-server
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker: Plugin: Search Reindex jar visallo-gpw-reindex
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker pom visallo-graph-property-worker-group
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker: Plugin Base pom visallo-graph-property-worker-plugin-base
Visallo: GraphPropertyWorker: Plugins pom visallo-graph-property-worker-plugins-group
Visallo: Core: Plugin: Model: Vertexium Tests jar visallo-model-vertexium-test
Visallo: Maven Archetype maven-archetype visallo-plugin-archetype
Visallo: Root pom visallo-root
Visallo: Tools pom visallo-tools-group
Visallo: Tools: Migrations pom visallo-tools-migrations
Visallo-tools-ontology-ingest pom visallo-tools-ontology-ingest
Visallo: Web: Plugin: Username/Password Authentication jar visallo-web-auth-username-password
Visallo: Web: Plugin: Change Email jar visallo-web-change-email
Visallo: Web: Plugin: Change Password jar visallo-web-change-password
Visallo: Web pom visallo-web-group
Visallo: Web: Plugin Base pom visallo-web-plugin-base
Visallo: Web: Plugins pom visallo-web-plugins-group
Visallo: Web: Server pom visallo-web-server-group
Visallo: Web: Structured Ingest pom visallo-web-structured-ingest
Visallo: Web: Base Test jar visallo-web-test
Visallo: Web: War war visallo-web-war
Webster: Minimalist Web Framework: Parent pom webster-parent
Visallo pom visallo

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