group: org.uberfire

fresh name packaging artifact id
UberFire API jar uberfire-api
Uberfire Commons bundle uberfire-commons
UberFire Client API jar uberfire-client-api
UberFire Workbench Client jar uberfire-workbench-client
Uberfire NIO.2 :: Model jar uberfire-nio2-model
Uberfire Widgets Commons jar uberfire-widgets-commons
UberFire Backend Server jar uberfire-backend-server
UberFire I/O jar uberfire-io
UberFire Workbench Processors jar uberfire-workbench-processors
Uberfire Commons Editor API jar uberfire-commons-editor-api
UberFire Testing Utils jar uberfire-testing-utils
UberFire Backend API jar uberfire-backend-api
UberFire Security API jar uberfire-security-api
UberFire NIO.2 :: File System Impl jar uberfire-nio2-fs
UberFire NIO.2 :: JGIT Impl jar uberfire-nio2-jgit
UberFire All Client Libraries jar uberfire-client-all
Uberfire NIO.2 :: API jar uberfire-nio2-api
Uberfire Commons Editor Client jar uberfire-commons-editor-client
UberFire Workbench Client Views: PatternFly jar uberfire-workbench-client-views-patternfly
Uberfire Metadata API jar uberfire-metadata-api
Uberfire Metadata Commons IO jar uberfire-metadata-commons-io
UberFire All Libraries jar uberfire-all
UberFire Security Client jar uberfire-security-client
Uberfire Properties Editor Widget API jar uberfire-widgets-properties-editor-api
Uberfire Widgets Core Client jar uberfire-widgets-core-client
Uberfire Commons Editor Backend jar uberfire-commons-editor-backend
UberFire JS jar uberfire-js
Uberfire Widgets Commons Services API jar uberfire-widgets-service-api
UberFire Server jar uberfire-server
Uberfire Layout Editor API jar uberfire-layout-editor-api
UberFire Workbench pom uberfire-workbench
UberFire Client Only Libraries jar uberfire-client
Uberfire Properties Editor Widget Client jar uberfire-widgets-properties-editor-client
Uberfire Runtime PlugIns API jar uberfire-runtime-plugins-api
Uberfire Preferences API jar uberfire-preferences-api
Uberfire Metadata Lucene Backend jar uberfire-metadata-backend-lucene
Uberfire Table Widget jar uberfire-widgets-table
UberFire Workbench Client using Backend jar uberfire-workbench-client-backend
Uberfire Security Management - Users and groups management API jar uberfire-security-management-api
Uberfire Security Management - Users and groups management Backend jar uberfire-security-management-backend
Uberfire Runtime PlugIns Client jar uberfire-runtime-plugins-client
Uberfire Social Activities API jar uberfire-social-activities-api
Uberfire Runtime PlugIns Backend jar uberfire-runtime-plugins-backend
Uberfire Simple Docks Client jar uberfire-simple-docks-client
Uberfire Wires :: Core API jar uberfire-wires-core-api
Uberfire Widgets Commons Services Backend jar uberfire-widgets-service-backend
Uberfire Servlet Security jar uberfire-servlet-security
UberFire Backend CDI Extensions jar uberfire-backend-cdi
Uberfire Preferences Processors jar uberfire-preferences-processors
Uberfire Security Management - Users and groups management Client jar uberfire-security-management-client
Uberfire Wires :: Core Client jar uberfire-wires-core-client
Uberfire Apps Backend jar uberfire-apps-backend
Uberfire Apps Client jar uberfire-apps-client
Uberfire Preferences Backend jar uberfire-preferences-backend
Uberfire Apps API jar uberfire-apps-api
Uberfire Preferences Client jar uberfire-preferences-client
UberFire Client with Backend Libraries jar uberfire-client-backend
Uberfire Layout Editor Client jar uberfire-layout-editor-client
Uberfire Security Management - Users and groups management Widgets jar uberfire-widgets-security-management
UberFire - Project API jar uberfire-project-api
Uberfire Preferences UI Client jar uberfire-preferences-ui-client
UberFire - Services API jar uberfire-services-api
Uberfire Properties Editor Widget Backend jar uberfire-widgets-properties-editor-backend
UberFire Security Server jar uberfire-security-server
Uberfire Wires :: Bayesian Parser API jar uberfire-wires-bayesian-parser-api
UberFire Server Side Libraries jar uberfire-server-all
Uberfire Security Management - Users and groups management Workbench client jar uberfire-security-management-client-wb
Showcase distribution wars pom showcase-distribution-wars
Uberfire Social Activities Client jar uberfire-social-activities-client
Uberfire Social Activities Backend jar uberfire-social-activities-backend
Uberfire Security Management - Provider Implementation for Wildfly jar uberfire-security-management-wildfly
Uberfire Layout Editor Backend jar uberfire-layout-editor-backend
Uberfire Wires :: Bayesian Parser Backend jar uberfire-wires-bayesian-parser-backend
Maven-support bundle uberfire-maven-support
Uberfire Wires :: Core Scratch Pad jar uberfire-wires-core-scratchpad
Uberfire Security Management - Provider Implementation for Tomcat jar uberfire-security-management-tomcat
Uberfire Wires :: BPMN API jar uberfire-wires-bpmn-api
UberFire Showcase WebApp war uberfire-webapp
Uberfire Wires :: Trees jar uberfire-wires-core-trees
UberFire Workbench Client Views: Bootstrap 2 jar uberfire-workbench-client-views-bs2
UberFire Security Codegen jar uberfire-security-codegen
UberFire - Structure API jar uberfire-structure-api
Uberfire Wires :: Bayesian Network Client jar uberfire-wires-bayesian-network-client
UberFire NSWE Panel Manager jar uberfire-panel-manager-nswe
Maven Integration jar uberfire-maven-integration
UberFire - Structure Client jar uberfire-structure-client
UberFire - Services Backend jar uberfire-services-backend
Uberfire Markdown Widget jar uberfire-widget-markdown
Uberfire Wires :: Core Grids jar uberfire-wires-core-grids
UberFire Widgets Core Backend jar uberfire-widgets-core-backend
Uberfire Wires :: BPMN Backend jar uberfire-wires-bpmn-backend
Uberfire Wires :: BPMN Client jar uberfire-wires-bpmn-client
Uberfire Security Management - Provider Implementation for WildFly 8 jar uberfire-security-management-wildfly8
UberFire - Test Utils jar uberfire-test-utils
UberFire - Structure Backend jar uberfire-structure-backend
UberFire Workbench Processors Tests jar uberfire-workbench-processors-tests
UberFire - Project Backend jar uberfire-project-backend
Showcase distribution wars for CDI 1.0 containers jar showcase-distribution-wars-cdi1.0
Uberfire Security Management - Provider Implementation for KeyCloak jar uberfire-security-management-keycloak
UberFire - Message Console API jar uberfire-message-console-api
UberFire - M2_REPO API jar uberfire-m2repo-editor-api
Uberfire Security Management - WildFly Provider Commons jar uberfire-security-management-wildfly-commons
Uberfire Security Management - Provider Implementation for WildFly 10 jar uberfire-security-management-wildfly10
UberFire - Asset Management API jar uberfire-asset-mgmt-api
UberFire - Project Client jar uberfire-project-client
UberFire - Workingset API jar uberfire-workingset-api
Uberfire Perspective Editor API jar uberfire-perspective-editor-api
UberFire Template Panel Manager jar uberfire-panel-manager-template
Uberfire Perspective Editor Backend jar uberfire-perspective-editor-backend
UberFire - Project Builder jar uberfire-project-builder
UberFire Backend Commons jar uberfire-backend-commons
UberFire - M2_REPO Client jar uberfire-m2repo-editor-client
UberFire - Message Console Client jar uberfire-message-console-client
Uberfire Perspective Editor Client jar uberfire-perspective-editor-client
UberFire - REST Client jar uberfire-rest-client
UberFire - M2_REPO Backend jar uberfire-m2repo-editor-backend
Uberfire Metadata Backends::Elasticsearch jar uberfire-metadata-backend-elasticsearch
ÜberFire Security API jar security-api
VFS Model jar vfs-model
ÜberFire Widgets Commons jar widgets-commons
ÜberFire Backend API jar backend-api
ÜberFire Widgets Core Backend jar widgets-core-backend
VFS JGIT Impl jar vfs-jgit
ÜberFire Security Client jar security-client
ÜberFire Security Server jar security-server
VFS API jar vfs-api
VFS File System Impl jar vfs-fs
ÜberFire Backend Commons jar backend-commons
ÜberFire Widgets Core Client jar widgets-core-client
UberFire - Workingset Client jar uberfire-workingset-client
UberFire - Message Console Backend jar uberfire-message-console-backend
ÜberFire Backend Server jar backend-server
Markdown Widget jar widget-markdown
UberFire - REST Backend jar uberfire-rest-backend
UberFire Showcase WebApp war showcase-webapp
Uberfire Apps pom uberfire-apps
UberFire BOM (Bill Of Materials) pom uberfire-bom
UberFire Workbench Client Integration Tests jar uberfire-workbench-client-tests
UberFire - Services pom uberfire-services
UberFire - Message Console pom uberfire-message-console
UberFire - Structure pom uberfire-structure
UberFire - Workingset pom uberfire-workingset
UberFire Archetypes pom uberfire-archetype
Uberfire Runtime Plugins pom uberfire-runtime-plugins
Uberfire Layout Editor pom uberfire-layout-editor
Uberfire Security Management - Users and groups management Webapp war uberfire-security-management-webapp
UberFire parent with dependencies jar uberfire-parent-with-dependencies
UberFire Component Archetype maven-archetype uberfire-component-archetype
Uberfire Wires :: WebApp war uberfire-wires-webapp
UberFire - Project pom uberfire-project
Uberfire Wires :: Core pom uberfire-wires-core
Uberfire NIO.2 Simple Backport pom uberfire-nio2-backport
Uberfire Wires :: Bayesian Network pom uberfire-wires-bayesian-network
Uberfire Social Activities pom uberfire-social-activities
UberFire - Rest pom uberfire-rest
Uberfire Security - Users and groups Management pom uberfire-security-management
UberFire - Asset Management Client jar uberfire-asset-mgmt-client
Uberfire NIO.2 :: Implementations pom uberfire-nio2-impls
UberFire - Asset Management pom uberfire-asset-mgmt
VFS pom uberfire-vfs
UberFire Panel Manager pom uberfire-workbench-panel-managers
UberFire Distro pom uberfire-distro
Uberfire Security Extensions pom uberfire-security-extensions
VFS Implementations pom vfs-impls
Extensions to UberFire pom uberfire-extensions
Uberfire extensions BOM (Bill Of Materials) jar uberfire-extensions-bom
Uberfire Wires pom uberfire-wires
UberFire Security pom uberfire-security
Uberfire Widgets Core pom uberfire-widgets-core
UberFire - Asset Management Backend jar uberfire-asset-mgmt-backend
UberFire parent pom uberfire-parent
Uberfire Widgets Commons Services pom uberfire-widgets-service
Uberfire Properties Editor Widget pom uberfire-widgets-properties-editor
Uberfire-maven-utils jar uberfire-maven-utils
UberFire - Organizational Unit Manager jar uberfire-organizationalunit-manager
Uberfire Metadata Backends pom uberfire-metadata-backends
Uberfire Widgets Sandbox pom uberfire-widgets-sandbox
Uberfire Extensions Dependencies jar uberfire-extensions-deps
UberFire Backend pom uberfire-backend
Uberfire Commons Editor pom uberfire-commons-editor
UberFire Multiproject pom uberfire
UberFire parent metadata jar uberfire-parent-metadata
UberFire Packaging pom uberfire-packaging
UberFire Showcase pom uberfire-showcase
Uberfire Metadata pom uberfire-metadata
Widgets Sandbox pom widgets-sandbox
UberFire Panel Manager pom uberfire-panel-managers
UberFire Showcase Client Only WebApp war uberfire-client-webapp
Uberfire Wires :: Bayesian Parser pom uberfire-wires-bayesian-parser
Uberfire Perspective Editor pom uberfire-perspective-editor
Uberfire Preferences pom uberfire-preferences
UberFire Project Archetype maven-archetype uberfire-project-archetype
Uberfire Widgets pom uberfire-widgets
Uberfire Wires :: BPMN pom uberfire-wires-bpmn
ÜberFire Widgets Core pom widgets-core
Uberfire Docks pom uberfire-simple-docks
UberFire - M2_REPO pom uberfire-m2repo-editor

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