group: org.togglz

fresh name packaging artifact id
Togglz - Core Framework jar togglz-core
Togglz - Servlet integration jar togglz-servlet
Togglz - Admin Console jar togglz-console
Togglz - Spring Web integration jar togglz-spring-web
Togglz - Test Harness jar togglz-test-harness
Togglz - Testing Support jar togglz-testing
Togglz - JUnit integration jar togglz-junit
Togglz - Spring Framework integration jar togglz-spring
Togglz - Spring Boot Starter jar togglz-spring-boot-starter
Togglz - Spring Security integration jar togglz-spring-security
Togglz - Spring Framework integration jar togglz-spring-core
Togglz - CDI integration jar togglz-cdi
Togglz - Apache Zookeeper Integration jar togglz-zookeeper
Togglz - MongoDB integration jar togglz-mongodb
Togglz - JSF integration jar togglz-jsf
Togglz - SLF4J integration jar togglz-slf4j
Togglz - JSP integration jar togglz-jsp
Togglz - Guice integration jar togglz-guice
Togglz - Apache Shiro integration jar togglz-shiro
Togglz - Cassandra integration jar togglz-cassandra
Togglz - Google App Engine Integration jar togglz-appengine
Togglz - Netflix Archaius Integration jar togglz-archaius
Togglz - DeltaSpike integration jar togglz-deltaspike
Togglz - Hazelcast integration jar togglz-hazelcast
Togglz - Spring mobile integration jar togglz-spring-mobile
Togglz - Google Cloud Datastore Integration jar togglz-cloud-datastore
Togglz - Slack integration jar togglz-slack
Togglz - Amazon S3 integration jar togglz-amazon-s3
Togglz - DynamoDB integration jar togglz-dynamodb
Togglz - Spring Boot Autoconfiguration jar togglz-spring-boot-autoconfigure
Togglz - MicroProfile Config integration jar togglz-microprofile-config
Togglz - Redis integration jar togglz-redis
Togglz - Seam Security integration jar togglz-seam-security
Togglz - Spring Boot 1.5 Starter jar togglz-legacy-spring-boot-starter
Togglz pom togglz-project
Togglz - JUnit 5 integration jar togglz-junit5
Togglz - Spring Boot POM pom togglz-spring-boot
Togglz - Distribution pom togglz-distribution

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