group: org.tentackle

fresh name packaging artifact id
Tentackle Core jar tentackle-core
Tentackle Swing jar tentackle-swing
Tentackle Common jar tentackle-common
Tentackle Persistence jar tentackle-persistence
Tentackle Data Model jar tentackle-model
Tentackle SQL jar tentackle-sql
Tentackle Build Support jar tentackle-build-support
Tentackle Wurblets jar tentackle-wurblets
Tentackle Domain jar tentackle-domain
Tentackle FX jar tentackle-fx
Tentackle Maven Plugin maven-plugin tentackle-maven-plugin
Tentackle Logging JDK Util jar tentackle-log-util
Tentackle Parent pom tentackle-parent
Tentackle Logging SLF4J jar tentackle-log-slf4j
Tentackle Persistence Wurblets jar tentackle-persistence-wurblets
Tentackle Script Groovy jar tentackle-script-groovy
Tentackle Script Ruby jar tentackle-script-ruby
Tentackle Logging Log4J jar tentackle-log-log4j
Tentackle SQL Maven Plugin maven-plugin tentackle-sql-maven-plugin
Tentackle FX Rich Desktop Client jar tentackle-fx-rdc
Tentackle Swing JGoodies Look And Feel jar tentackle-swing-looks
Tentackle Swing Printing jar tentackle-swing-print
Tentackle Swing Rich Desktop Client jar tentackle-swing-rdc
Tentackle Swing Substance Look And Feel jar tentackle-swing-substance
Tentackle Swing Tiny Look And Feel jar tentackle-swing-tinylaf
Tentackle Web jar tentackle-web
Tentackle All (Test-Only) jar tentackle-all

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