group: org.teavm

fresh name packaging artifact id
TeaVM core bundle teavm-core
TeaVM Java class library bundle teavm-classlib
TeaVM JavaScript objects jar teavm-jso
TeaVM JavaScript APIs jar teavm-jso-apis
TeaVM DOM jar teavm-dom
TeaVM platform bundle teavm-platform
TeaVM tooling core bundle teavm-tooling
TeaVM JavaScript objects - implementation jar teavm-jso-impl
TeaVM JUnit runner jar teavm-junit
TeaVM metaprogramming API implementation bundle teavm-metaprogramming-impl
TeaVM metaprogramming API bundle teavm-metaprogramming-api
TeaVM interop API jar teavm-interop
TeaVM html4j support jar teavm-html4j
TeaVM Web Storage web application war teavm-samples-storage
TeaVM HTML5 video web application war teavm-samples-video
TeaVM tests jar teavm-tests
TeaVM maven plugin maven-plugin teavm-maven-plugin
TeaVM debugging backend for Google Chrome RDP bundle teavm-chrome-rdp
TeaVM CLI jar teavm-cli
TeaVM slf4j jar teavm-extras-slf4j
TeaVM maven pom teavm-maven
TeaVM pom teavm
TeaVM maven web application archetype maven-archetype teavm-maven-webapp
TeaVM samples pom teavm-samples
TeaVM CPS demo war teavm-samples-async
TeaVM performance benchmark war teavm-samples-benchmark
TeaVM Hello world web application war teavm-samples-hello
TeaVM Kotlin web application war teavm-samples-kotlin
TeaVM Scala example war teavm-samples-scala

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