group: org.switchyard.components

fresh name packaging artifact id
SwitchYard: Bean Component bundle switchyard-component-bean
SwitchYard: CDI Test MixIn jar switchyard-component-test-mixin-cdi
SwitchYard: SOAP Component bundle switchyard-component-soap
SwitchYard: HTTP Test MixIn jar switchyard-component-test-mixin-http
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: SwitchYard component bundle switchyard-component-camel
SwitchYard: Common Component Library bundle switchyard-component-common
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: Camel Component bundle switchyard-component-camel-switchyard
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: Binding Test framework jar switchyard-component-camel-test
SwitchYard: HornetQ Test MixIn jar switchyard-component-test-mixin-hornetq
SwitchYard: Camel Component Common Library bundle switchyard-component-common-camel
SwitchYard: BPEL Component jar switchyard-component-bpel
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: JMS Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-jms
SwitchYard: SCA Component bundle switchyard-component-sca
SwitchYard: Naming Test MixIn jar switchyard-component-test-mixin-naming
SwitchYard: JCA Component jar switchyard-component-jca
SwitchYard: JCA Test MixIn jar switchyard-component-test-mixin-jca
SwitchYard: Rules Component bundle switchyard-component-rules
SwitchYard: HTTP Component bundle switchyard-component-http
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: Core Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-core
SwitchYard: RESTEasy Component bundle switchyard-component-resteasy
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: File Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-file
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: Quartz Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-quartz
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: JPA Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-jpa
SwitchYard: BPM Component bundle switchyard-component-bpm
SwitchYard: ActiveMQ Test MixIn jar switchyard-component-test-mixin-activemq
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: SQL Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-sql
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: Mail Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-mail
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: Netty Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-netty
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: FTP Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-ftp
SwitchYard: Smooks Test MixIn jar switchyard-component-test-mixin-smooks
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: AMQP Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-amqp
SwitchYard: AMQP MixIn jar switchyard-component-test-mixin-amqp
SwitchYard: Knowledge Common Component Library bundle switchyard-component-common-knowledge
SwitchYard: Clojure Component bundle switchyard-component-clojure
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: Atom Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-atom
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: SAP JCO Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-sap
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: RSS Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-rss
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: MQTT Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-mqtt
SwitchYard: Rules Common Component Library jar switchyard-component-common-rules
SwitchYard: Camel Component :: CXF Binding bundle switchyard-component-camel-cxf
SwitchYard: HornetQ Component jar switchyard-component-hornetq
SwitchYard: JAX-RS Common Component Library jar switchyard-component-common-rest
SwitchYard: Camel AS7 Component jar switchyard-component-camel-as7
SwitchYard: Composer Common Component Library jar switchyard-component-common-composer
SwitchYard: BPM MixIn jar switchyard-component-test-mixin-bpm
SwitchYard: Components Forge Plugin pom switchyard-forge-components
SwitchYard: Common Component Libraries Parent pom switchyard-component-common-parent
Fuse Integration: Backwards Compat: Parent pom backwards-compat-parent
SwitchYard: Component Integration Tests jar switchyard-component-itests
SwitchYard: Remote Component jar switchyard-component-remote
SwitchYard: Camel CDI Component jar switchyard-component-camel-cdi
SwitchYard: Components pom switchyard-components-parent
SwitchYard: Camel AS6 Component jar switchyard-component-camel-as6
SwitchYard: Component Camel Parent pom switchyard-component-camel-parent
SwitchYard: Component Test Parent pom switchyard-component-test-parent
SwitchYard: Component Tests jar switchyard-component-tests

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