group: org.switchyard

fresh name packaging artifact id
SwitchYard: Test Utilities jar switchyard-test
SwitchYard: API bundle switchyard-api
SwitchYard: Runtime bundle switchyard-runtime
SwitchYard: Configuration bundle switchyard-config
SwitchYard: Deploy bundle switchyard-deploy
SwitchYard: "switchyard" Plugin maven-plugin switchyard-plugin
SwitchYard: Common bundle switchyard-common
SwitchYard: Transform bundle switchyard-transform
SwitchYard: Validate bundle switchyard-validate
SwitchYard: Security bundle switchyard-security
SwitchYard: Common - Camel bundle switchyard-common-camel
SwitchYard: Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-plugin
SwitchYard: API Extensions - Java bundle switchyard-extensions-java
SwitchYard: Remote bundle switchyard-remote
SwitchYard: Forge Common jar switchyard-forge-common
SwitchYard: Serial bundle switchyard-serial
SwitchYard: Common - CDI bundle switchyard-common-cdi
SwitchYard: Security - JBoss bundle switchyard-security-jboss
SwitchYard: Build jar switchyard-build
SwitchYard: Serial - Jackson bundle switchyard-serial-jackson
SwitchYard: API Extensions - WSDL bundle switchyard-extensions-wsdl
SwitchYard: Distribution Artifacts jar switchyard-release-distribution
SwitchYard: Release Distribution Tests Utilities jar switchyard-release-testutil
SwitchYard: Bean Component Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-bean-plugin
SwitchYard: Camel Exchange Bus bundle switchyard-bus-camel
SwitchYard: Admin bundle switchyard-admin
SwitchYard: Component Common Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-common-plugin
SwitchYard: AS7 Bundle pom switchyard-as7-standalone-bundle
SwitchYard: CDI Deployer jar switchyard-deploy-cdi
SwitchYard: Console Core Component Module jar switchyard-console-component-core
SwitchYard: AS7 Extension jar switchyard-deploy-jboss-as7
SwitchYard: AS7 Modules zip switchyard-as7-modules
SwitchYard: Security - Karaf bundle switchyard-security-karaf
SwitchYard: JEE Web Application Deployer jar switchyard-deploy-webapp
SwitchYard: JBoss AS6 Deployer jar switchyard-deploy-jboss-as6
SwitchYard: Distribution pom switchyard-release
SwitchYard: AS6 Distribution pom switchyard-release-as6
SwitchYard: AS7 Distribution pom switchyard-release-as7
SwitchYard: Release Distribution Tests jar switchyard-release-test
SwitchYard: RHQ Plugin jar switchyard-rhq-plugin
SwitchYard: Security - WildFly bundle switchyard-security-wildfly
SwitchYard: Tools Distribution pom switchyard-tools-dist
SwitchYard: JCA Gateway Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-jca-plugin
SwitchYard: AS6 Packager pom switchyard-as6-build
SwitchYard: AS7 Packager pom switchyard-as7-build
SwitchYard: AS7 KIE/Drools/jBPM zip switchyard-as7-kiedroolsjbpm
SwitchYard: AS7 Distribution jar switchyard-as7-standalone-dist
SwitchYard: AS7 Standalone Parent pom switchyard-as7-standalone-parent
SwitchYard: AS7 Release Distribution Tests jar switchyard-as7-tests
SwitchYard BOM pom switchyard-bom
SwitchYard: HornetQ Bus jar switchyard-bus-hornetq
SwitchYard: Bean Component Console Extension jar switchyard-console-component-bean
SwitchYard: BPEL Component Console Extension jar switchyard-console-component-bpel
SwitchYard: BPM Component Console Extension jar switchyard-console-component-bpm
SwitchYard: Camel Component Console Extension jar switchyard-console-component-camel
SwitchYard: Clojure Component Console Extension jar switchyard-console-component-clojure
SwitchYard: HornetQ Component Console Extension jar switchyard-console-component-hornetq
SwitchYard: Rules Component Console Extension jar switchyard-console-component-rules
SwitchYard: Console System Components pom switchyard-console-components
SwitchYard: SOAP Component Console Extension jar switchyard-console-component-soap
SwitchYard: Console pom switchyard-console-parent
SwitchYard: Container Parent pom switchyard-container-parent
SwitchYard: Core pom switchyard-core-parent
Switchyard: Deployer Build pom switchyard-deployers-build
SwitchYard: BPM Component Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-bpm-plugin
SwitchYard: Camel Component Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-camel-plugin
SwitchYard: Clojure Component Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-clojure-plugin
SwitchYard: HornetQ Gateway Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-hornetq-plugin
SwitchYard: HTTP Gateway Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-http-plugin
SwitchYard: Remote Gateway Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-remote-plugin
SwitchYard: RESTEasy Gateway Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-resteasy-plugin
SwitchYard: Rules Component Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-rules-plugin
SwitchYard: SCA Gateway Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-sca-plugin
SwitchYard: SOAP Gateway Forge Plugin jar switchyard-forge-soap-plugin
SwitchYard: Installer pom switchyard-installer
SwitchYard: Javadoc jar switchyard-javadocs
SwitchYard zip switchyard-parent

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