group: org.springframework.xd

fresh name packaging artifact id
spring-xd-module-spi jar spring-xd-module-spi
spring-xd-tuple jar spring-xd-tuple
spring-xd-test jar spring-xd-test
spring-xd-dirt jar spring-xd-dirt
spring-xd-messagebus-spi jar spring-xd-messagebus-spi
spring-xd-rest-client jar spring-xd-rest-client
spring-xd-module jar spring-xd-module
spring-xd-rest-domain jar spring-xd-rest-domain
Fixtures for use by both unit & acceptance tests jar spring-xd-test-fixtures
Common encoder support for modules jar spring-xd-extension-encoder-support
spring-xd-hadoop jar spring-xd-hadoop
spring-xd-analytics jar spring-xd-analytics
spring-xd-batch jar spring-xd-batch
Spring XD JDBC jar spring-xd-extension-jdbc
Spring XD batch support jar spring-xd-extension-batch
spring-xd-ui jar spring-xd-ui
Spring-xd-module-plugin jar spring-xd-module-plugin
Spring XD SPI shared code jar spring-xd-spi-common
spring-xd-spark-streaming jar spring-xd-spark-streaming
Spring XD Kafka jar spring-xd-extension-kafka
spring-xd-messagebus-local jar spring-xd-messagebus-local
Helper project for doing acceptance testing with Apache Spark jar acceptance-test-sparkapp
Spring XD User Interface jar spring-xd-admin-ui-client
Spring-xd-codec jar spring-xd-codec
Spring XD Analytics ML jar spring-xd-analytics-ml
spring-xd-reactor jar spring-xd-reactor
Spring XD HTTP jar spring-xd-http
Spring XD Reactor jar spring-xd-extension-reactor
Spring XD MessageBus (Redis implementation) jar spring-xd-messagebus-redis
Spring XD JDBC jar spring-xd-jdbc
Spring Integration tests jar spring-xd-integration-test
spring-xd-messagebus-rabbit jar spring-xd-messagebus-rabbit
Spring XD HDFS jar spring-xd-extension-hdfs
Spring XD parent POM for a Module pom spring-xd-module-parent
Support for Spring XD modules that execute scripts jar spring-xd-extension-script
Spring XD spark extensions jar spring-xd-extension-spark
Spring XD Splunk jar spring-xd-extension-splunk
Spring XD Sqoop extensions jar spring-xd-extension-sqoop
Spring XD SYSLOG jar spring-xd-extension-syslog
Spring XD TCP jar spring-xd-extension-tcp
Spring XD Throughput testing jar spring-xd-extension-throughput
Spring XD Twitter jar spring-xd-extension-twitter
Gemfire Server to support XD Development and Demos jar spring-xd-gemfire-server
Spring XD MessageBus (Kafka implementation) jar spring-xd-messagebus-kafka
Spring XD RxJava jar spring-xd-rxjava
Spring XD Shell jar spring-xd-shell
Tests for Spring XD spark streaming module jar spring-xd-spark-streaming-tests
Spring XD on YARN jar spring-xd-yarn
Spring XD YARN AppMaster jar spring-xd-yarn-appmaster
Spring XD YARN Client App jar spring-xd-yarn-client
Cloudera CDH 4 dependencies jar cdh4
Cloudera CDH 5 dependencies jar cdh5
Utilities for generating/verifying documentation jar documentation-toolchain
Hadoop 1.0 dependencies jar hadoop10
Hadoop 1.1 dependencies jar hadoop11
Hadoop 1.2.x dependencies jar hadoop12
Hadoop 2.0 dependencies jar hadoop20
Hadoop 2.2.x dependencies jar hadoop22
Hadoop 2.4.x dependencies jar hadoop24
Hadoop 2.5.x dependencies jar hadoop25
Hortonworks HDP 1.3 dependencies jar hdp13
Hortonworks HDP 2.0 dependencies jar hdp20
Hortonworks HDP 2.1 dependencies jar hdp21
Spring XD Modules jar modules
Pivotal HD 1.0 dependencies jar phd1
Pivotal HD 2.0 dependencies jar phd20
Pivotal HD 2.1 dependencies jar phd21
Spring Integration Module Support jar spring-integration-module
Spring-xd pom spring-xd
Spring XD Analytics ML - PMML Support jar spring-xd-analytics-ml-pmml
Spring XD benchmark tests jar spring-xd-benchmark
Spring XD Distributed tests jar spring-xd-distributed-test
Packaging for single uberjar for deployment on PCF jar spring-xd-exec
Spring-xd-extension-cassandra jar spring-xd-extension-cassandra
Spring XD Gemfire jar spring-xd-extension-gemfire
spring-xd-extension-gpfdist jar spring-xd-extension-gpfdist
Spring XD GPLoad extension jar spring-xd-extension-gpload
Spring-xd-extension-header-enricher jar spring-xd-extension-header-enricher
Spring XD HTTP jar spring-xd-extension-http
Spring XD Mail jar spring-xd-extension-mail
Spring XD Mongodb jar spring-xd-extension-mongodb
Spring XD support for executing an external process jar spring-xd-extension-process
Spring XD Redis jar spring-xd-extension-redis

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