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fresh name packaging artifact id
Spring Data Core jar spring-data-commons
Spring Data JPA jar spring-data-jpa
Spring Data MongoDB - Core jar spring-data-mongodb
Spring Data Redis jar spring-data-redis
Spring Data REST - WebMVC jar spring-data-rest-webmvc
Spring Data REST - Core jar spring-data-rest-core
Spring Data REST - HAL Browser jar spring-data-rest-hal-browser
Spring Data Neo4j jar spring-data-neo4j
Spring Data Elasticsearch jar spring-data-elasticsearch
Spring for Apache Hadoop Core jar spring-data-hadoop-core
Spring Data for Apache Cassandra Core jar spring-data-cassandra
Spring for Apache Hadoop Namspace Configuration jar spring-data-hadoop
Spring Data Commons Core jar spring-data-commons-core
Spring Data Solr jar spring-data-solr
Spring Data Couchbase jar spring-data-couchbase
Spring Data KeyValue jar spring-data-keyvalue
Spring Data for Pivotal GemFire jar spring-data-gemfire
Spring Yarn Core jar spring-yarn-core
Spring Data LDAP jar spring-data-ldap
Spring Yarn Boot jar spring-yarn-boot
Spring for Apache Hadoop Batch Features jar spring-data-hadoop-batch
Spring Data JDBC jar spring-data-jdbc
spring-data-geode-test jar spring-data-geode-test
Spring Data for Apache Geode jar spring-data-geode
Spring Yarn Batch jar spring-yarn-batch
Spring Yarn Test Core jar spring-yarn-test
Spring for Apache Hadoop Store Features jar spring-data-hadoop-store
Spring for Apache Hadoop Tests Core jar spring-data-hadoop-test
Spring Data Neo4j - Rest Binding jar spring-data-neo4j-rest
Spring Data Neo4j - AspectJ Advanced Mapping jar spring-data-neo4j-aspects
Spring Data R2DBC jar spring-data-r2dbc
Spring for Apache Hadoop Annotation Configuration jar spring-data-hadoop-config
Spring CQL jar spring-cql
Spring Data Envers jar spring-data-envers
Spring Yarn Integration jar spring-yarn-integration
Spring Data Relational jar spring-data-relational
Spring Data JDBC Extensions Core jar spring-data-jdbc-core
Spring Data Release Train - BOM pom spring-data-releasetrain
Spring Data JDBC Extensions Oracle jar spring-data-oracle
Spring for Apache Hadoop Boot jar spring-data-hadoop-boot
Spring for Apache Hadoop HBase Support jar spring-data-hadoop-hbase
Spring for Apache Hadoop Hive Support jar spring-data-hadoop-hive
Spring for Apache Hadoop Pig Support jar spring-data-hadoop-pig
Spring Data MongoDB - Cross-Store Support jar spring-data-mongodb-cross-store
Spring Data MongoDB - Log4J Appender jar spring-data-mongodb-log4j
Spring Data REST - HAL Explorer jar spring-data-rest-hal-explorer
spring-data-gemfire-test jar spring-data-gemfire-test
Spring Data Neo4j - Transactions jar spring-data-neo4j-tx
Spring Data REST jar spring-data-rest-repository
Spring for Apache Hadoop Utility Classes jar spring-data-hadoop-util
Spring Yarn Boot Cli jar spring-yarn-boot-cli
Spring Cascading Support jar spring-cascading
Spring Data MongoDB pom spring-data-mongodb-parent
Spring Yarn Boot Test jar spring-yarn-boot-test
Spring for Apache Hadoop Tests Core jar spring-hadoop-test-core
Spring Yarn Test Core jar spring-yarn-test-core
Spring Data Graph Support jar spring-data-graph-core
Spring Data Neo4j - Cross-Store Persistence Support jar spring-data-neo4j-cross-store
Spring Data Riak Support jar spring-data-riak
Spring Data Key-Value Core jar spring-data-keyvalue-core
Spring Data Commons Aspects jar spring-data-commons-aspects
Spring Data Document Support jar spring-data-document-core
Spring for Apache Hadoop YARN jar spring-yarn
Spring for Apache Hadoop Spark Support jar spring-data-hadoop-spark
Spring Data MongoDB - Distribution pom spring-data-mongodb-distribution
Spring Data REST pom spring-data-rest-parent
Spring Data REST - Distribution pom spring-data-rest-distribution
Spring Data Graph Parent pom spring-data-graph-parent
Spring Data Graph Distribution pom spring-data-graph-dist
Spring Data Relational Parent pom spring-data-relational-parent
Spring Data for Apache Geode Parent pom spring-data-geode-parent
Spring Data REST war spring-data-rest-example
Distribution of Spring Data Geode pom spring-data-geode-distribution
Spring Data Key-Value Parent pom spring-data-keyvalue-parent
Spring Data Document Distribution pom spring-data-document-dist
Spring Data Commons Parent pom spring-data-commons-parent
Spring for Apache Hadoop Integration Tests jar spring-hadoop-test
Spring Data Commons Distribution pom spring-data-commons-dist
Spring Yarn Boot Build Tests jar spring-yarn-boot-build-tests
Spring Data for Apache Cassandra pom spring-data-cassandra-parent
Spring Yarn Integration Test jar spring-yarn-build-tests
Spring Data for Apache Cassandra - Distribution pom spring-data-cassandra-distribution
Spring Data Release Train - BOM Infrastructure pom spring-data-bom-parent
Spring Data Release Train - BOM pom spring-data-bom
Spring Data Document Parent pom spring-data-document-parent
Spring Data Key-Value Distribution pom spring-data-keyvalue-dist
Spring Data JDBC Extensions Support Parent pom spring-data-jdbc-parent
Spring Data MongoDB Distribution pom spring-data-mongodb-dist
Spring Data JDBC - Distribution pom spring-data-jdbc-distribution
Spring Data MongoDB Distribution pom spring-data-mongo-dist
Spring Data JDBC Extensions Support Distribution pom spring-data-jdbc-dist
Spring for Apache Hadoop Sqoop2 Support jar spring-data-hadoop-sqoop2
Spring Data Neo4j Distribution pom spring-data-neo4j-dist
Spring Data Neo4j - Distribution pom spring-data-neo4j-distribution
Spring Data Neo4j pom spring-data-neo4j-parent
Spring Data Neo4J Roo Support jar spring-data-neo4j-roo
Spring for Apache Hadoop Cluster Tests jar spring-data-hadoop-cluster-tests
Spring for Apache Hadoop Integration Tests jar spring-data-hadoop-build-tests
Spring for Apache Hadoop jar spring-data-Hadoop

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