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fresh name packaging artifact id
Spring Context jar spring-context
Spring TestContext Framework jar spring-test
Spring Core jar spring-core
Spring Web jar spring-web
Spring Beans jar spring-beans
Spring Web MVC jar spring-webmvc
Spring JDBC jar spring-jdbc
Spring Transaction jar spring-tx
Spring Context Support jar spring-context-support
Spring AOP jar spring-aop
Spring Object/Relational Mapping jar spring-orm
Spring Expression Language (SpEL) jar spring-expression
Spring JMS jar spring-jms
Spring Messaging jar spring-messaging
Spring Aspects jar spring-aspects
Spring Framework pom spring
Spring Object/XML Marshalling jar spring-oxm
Spring Framework: Mock jar spring-mock
Org.springframework.context jar org.springframework.context
Spring WebSocket jar spring-websocket
Spring Framework: Hibernate2 jar spring-hibernate2
Spring Web Portlet jar spring-webmvc-portlet
Spring Instrument jar spring-instrument
Spring ASM jar spring-asm
Spring Context Indexer jar spring-context-indexer
Spring WebFlux jar spring-webflux
Org.springframework.beans jar org.springframework.beans
Spring Instrument Tomcat jar spring-instrument-tomcat
Springloaded jar springloaded
Org.springframework.core jar org.springframework.core
Spring Framework: DAO jar spring-dao
Org.springframework.aop jar org.springframework.aop
Org.springframework.web jar org.springframework.web
Spring Framework: Support jar spring-support
Org.springframework.transaction jar org.springframework.transaction
Spring Extension JCR jar se-jcr
Spring Commons Logging Bridge jar spring-jcl
Org.springframework.context.support jar org.springframework.context.support
Org.springframework.web.servlet jar org.springframework.web.servlet
Org.springframework.orm jar org.springframework.orm
Org.springframework.expression jar org.springframework.expression
Org.springframework.test jar org.springframework.test
Org.springframework.asm jar org.springframework.asm
Spring Struts jar spring-struts
Spring Framework: JMX jar spring-jmx
Spring Web Flow jar spring-webflow
Spring Framework (Bill of Materials) pom spring-framework-bom
Spring Framework: Hibernate3 jar spring-hibernate3
Org.springframework.jdbc jar org.springframework.jdbc
Spring Framework: Remoting jar spring-remoting
Spring-test-mvc jar spring-test-mvc
Spring Framework: iBATIS jar spring-ibatis
Org.springframework.aspects jar org.springframework.aspects
Spring ldap jar spring-ldap
Org.springframework.oxm jar org.springframework.oxm
Spring Framework: Agent jar spring-agent
Spring Framework: Hibernate jar spring-hibernate
Spring Framework: JPA jar spring-jpa
Spring Framework: Portlet jar spring-portlet
spring-tuple jar spring-tuple
Org.springframework.instrument jar org.springframework.instrument
Spring-datastore-core jar spring-datastore-core
Org.springframework.web.portlet jar org.springframework.web.portlet
Spring Framework: Web MVC Struts jar spring-webmvc-struts
Spring Binding jar spring-binding
Org.springframework.jms jar org.springframework.jms
Spring Web Reactive jar spring-web-reactive
Spring OJB jar spring-ojb
Provides integration between Spring Test MVC and htmlunit jar spring-test-mvc-htmlunit
Spring Framework: Tomcat Weaver jar spring-tomcat-weaver
Spring Framework: JCA jar spring-jca
Spring Framework - Parent pom spring-parent
Spring full dependency list pom spring-full
Org.springframework.instrument.tomcat jar org.springframework.instrument.tomcat
Provides integration between Spring MVC Test and HtmlUnit jar spring-test-htmlunit
Spring-datastore-gemfire jar spring-datastore-gemfire
Spring-datastore-simple jar spring-datastore-simple
Spring-datastore-redis jar spring-datastore-redis
Spring Beandoc Core jar spring-beandoc
Spring-instrument-classloading jar spring-instrument-classloading
Spring-datastore-mongo jar spring-datastore-mongo
Org.springframework.web.struts jar org.springframework.web.struts
Spring-datastore-riak jar spring-datastore-riak
Spring-datastore-web jar spring-datastore-web
Spring-datastore-jpa jar spring-datastore-jpa
Spring Web MVC jar spring-webMvc
Spring Context jar Spring-context
Beandoc jar beandoc
Spring Framework libd spring-library
Spring Framework: JDO jar spring-jdo
Spring WebSocket jar spring-webSocket
Spring Framework pom Spring
Spring Beans jar Spring-Beans
Spring Context jar SPRING-CONTEXT
Spring Framework: Core jar spring-CORE
Spring Core jar sprinG-core
Spring-datastore-gae jar spring-datastore-gae
Spring-datastore-mock jar spring-datastore-mock
Spring Faces jar spring-faces
Spring-integration-tests jar spring-integration-tests
Spring Retry jar spring-retry
Spring-test-htmlunit-build jar spring-test-htmlunit-build
Spring Framework: TopLink jar spring-toplink
spring-tuple-parent pom spring-tuple-parent

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