group: org.spire-math

fresh name packaging artifact id
parser jar jawn-parser_2.11
core jar spire_2.11
parser jar jawn-parser_2.10
core jar spire_2.10
parser jar jawn-parser_2.12
json4s-support jar jawn-json4s_2.11
catsJVM jar cats_2.11
json4s-support jar jawn-json4s_2.10
ast jar jawn-ast_2.11
json4s-support jar jawn-json4s_2.12
core jar spire_2.12
core jar algebra_2.11
core jar cats-core_2.11
core jar algebra_2.10
ast jar jawn-ast_2.12
ast jar jawn-ast_2.10
core jar algebra_sjs0.6_2.11
core jar cats-core_2.10
std jar algebra-std_2.11
core jar algebra_sjs0.6_2.10
std jar algebra-std_sjs0.6_2.11
macros jar cats-macros_2.11
std jar algebra-std_2.10
std jar algebra-std_sjs0.6_2.10
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.11
macros jar spire-macros_2.11
argonaut-support jar jawn-argonaut_2.11
argonaut-support jar jawn-argonaut_2.10
macros jar cats-macros_2.10
macros jar spire-macros_2.10
laws jar cats-laws_2.11
laws jar spire-laws_2.11
laws jar cats-laws_2.10
json4s-support jar json4s-support_2.11
imp jar imp_2.11
json4s-support jar json4s-support_2.10
core jar spire_sjs0.6_2.12
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.10
argonaut-support jar argonaut-support_2.11
laws jar algebra-laws_2.11
core jar spire_sjs0.6_2.11
imp jar imp_2.10
laws jar algebra-laws_sjs0.6_2.11
argonaut-support jar argonaut-support_2.10
laws jar spire-laws_2.10
core jar cats-core_sjs0.6_2.11
core jar cats-core_sjs0.6_2.10
macros jar cats-macros_sjs0.6_2.11
util jar jawn-util_2.11
util jar jawn-util_2.10
util jar jawn-util_2.12
laws jar spire-laws_2.12
macros jar cats-macros_sjs0.6_2.10
catsJS jar cats_sjs0.6_2.11
free jar cats-free_2.11
spire-scalacheck-binding jar spire-scalacheck-binding_2.10
free jar cats-free_2.10
ring jar algebra-ring_sjs0.6_2.11
ring jar algebra-ring_sjs0.6_2.10
ring jar algebra-ring_2.11
ring jar algebra-ring_2.10
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.12.0-M3
core jar spire_sjs0.6_2.10
imp jar imp_2.12
spire-scalacheck-binding jar spire-scalacheck-binding_2.11
laws jar algebra-laws_2.10
lattice jar algebra-lattice_sjs0.6_2.10
std jar cats-std_2.10
std jar cats-std_2.11
lattice jar algebra-lattice_2.10
laws jar algebra-laws_sjs0.6_2.10
lattice jar algebra-lattice_2.11
lattice jar algebra-lattice_sjs0.6_2.11
play-support jar jawn-play_2.11
macros jar algebra-macros_2.11
macros jar algebra-macros_2.10
macros jar algebra-macros_sjs0.6_2.11
laws jar cats-laws_sjs0.6_2.11
macros jar algebra-macros_sjs0.6_2.10
parser jar jawn-parser_2.13.0-M3
parser jar jawn-parser_2.12.0-RC2
catsJVM jar cats_2.10
parser jar jawn-parser_2.12.0-RC1
free jar cats-free_sjs0.6_2.10
free jar cats-free_sjs0.6_2.11
state jar cats-state_2.11
state jar cats-state_2.10
parser jar jawn-parser_2.13.0-M4
extras jar spire-extras_2.11
laws jar cats-laws_sjs0.6_2.10
macros jar spire-macros_sjs0.6_2.11
macros jar spire-macros_sjs0.6_2.10
extras jar spire-extras_sjs0.6_2.11
extras jar spire-extras_sjs0.6_2.10
extras jar spire-extras_2.10
core jar alleycats-core_2.11
laws jar spire-laws_sjs0.6_2.10
state jar cats-state_sjs0.6_2.11
core jar alleycats-core_2.10
spire jar spire_2.9.2
spire jar spire_2.9.1
state jar cats-state_sjs0.6_2.10
util jar jawn-util_2.13.0-M3
util jar jawn-util_2.13.0-M4
laws jar spire-laws_sjs0.6_2.11
extras jar spire-extras_2.12
macros jar spire-macros_2.12
js jar cats-js_sjs0.6_2.11
jvm jar cats-jvm_2.10
macros jar macros_2.10
play-support jar jawn-play_2.12
laws jar alleycats-laws_2.10
laws jar alleycats-laws_2.11
core jar debox_2.10
jvm jar cats-jvm_2.11
spray-support jar jawn-spray_2.10
spray-support jar jawn-spray_2.11
spray-support jar jawn-spray_2.12
spire-scalacheck-binding jar spire-scalacheck-binding_2.9.2
clouseau jar clouseau_2.10
macros jar spire-macros_sjs0.6_2.12
imp jar imp_sjs0.6_2.12
imp jar imp_sjs0.6_2.11
laws jar spire-laws_sjs0.6_2.12
ast jar jawn-ast_2.12.0-RC1
ast jar jawn-ast_2.12.0-RC2
ast jar jawn-ast_2.13.0-M3
ast jar jawn-ast_2.13.0-M4
extras jar spire-extras_sjs0.6_2.12
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.12.0-M2
js jar cats-js_sjs0.6_2.10
clouseau jar clouseau_2.12
clouseau jar clouseau_2.11
zillion jar zillion_sjs0.6_2.12
algebra jar algebra_2.9.3
alleycats jar alleycats_2.10
alleycats jar alleycats_2.11
Alleycats-tests_2.10 jar alleycats-tests_2.10
Alleycats-tests_2.11 jar alleycats-tests_2.11
archery jar archery_2.10
archery jar archery_2.11
archery jar archery_2.12
benchmark jar benchmark_2.10
catsJS jar cats_sjs0.6_2.10
chain jar chain_2.10
chain jar chain_2.11
chain jar chain_2.12
chain jar chain_sjs0.6_2.10
chain jar chain_sjs0.6_2.11
chain jar chain_sjs0.6_2.12
clouseau-repl jar clouseau-repl_2.10
clouseau-repl jar clouseau-repl_2.11
clouseau-repl jar clouseau-repl_2.12
core jar debox_2.11
core jar debox_2.12
examples jar examples_2.10
imp jar imp_sjs0.6_2.10
argonaut-support jar jawn-argonaut_2.12
json4s-support jar jawn-json4s_2.12.0-RC1
json4s-support jar jawn-json4s_2.13.0-M4
play-support jar jawn-play_2.10
rojoma-support jar jawn-rojoma_2.10
rojoma-support jar jawn-rojoma_2.11
rojoma-support jar jawn-rojoma_2.12
rojoma-v3-support jar jawn-rojoma-v3_2.10
rojoma-v3-support jar jawn-rojoma-v3_2.11
rojoma-v3-support jar jawn-rojoma-v3_2.12
spray-support jar jawn-spray_2.12.0-RC1
spray-support jar jawn-spray_2.12.0-RC2
junkion jar junkion_2.10
junkion jar junkion_2.11
junkion jar junkion_2.12
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.12
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.12.0-M4
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.12.0-M5
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.12.0-RC1
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.12.0-RC2
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.13.0-M1
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.13.0-M2
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.13.0-M3
kind-projector jar kind-projector_2.13.0-M4
machinist jar machinist_2.10
machinist jar machinist_2.11
machinist jar machinist_sjs0.6_2.10
machinist jar machinist_sjs0.6_2.11
play-support jar play-support_2.10
play-support jar play-support_2.11
rojoma-support jar rojoma-support_2.10
rojoma-support jar rojoma-support_2.11
rojoma-v3-support jar rojoma-v3-support_2.10
rojoma-v3-support jar rojoma-v3-support_2.11
sbt-javap jar sbt-javap_2.12_1.0
sortilege jar sortilege_2.10
sortilege jar sortilege_2.11
sortilege jar sortilege_2.12
spire jar spire_2.10.0
spire jar spire_2.10.0-RC1
spire jar spire_2.10.0-RC2
spire jar spire_2.10.0-RC3
spire jar spire_2.10.0-RC5
spire-aggregate jar spire-aggregate_2.10
spire-scalacheck-binding jar spire-scalacheck-binding_2.9.1
spray-support jar spray-support_2.10
spray-support jar spray-support_2.11
zillion jar zillion_2.10
zillion jar zillion_2.11
zillion jar zillion_2.12
zillion jar zillion_sjs0.6_2.10
zillion jar zillion_sjs0.6_2.11

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