group: org.sonatype.tycho

fresh name packaging artifact id
Tycho OSGi Components jar tycho-osgi-components
Org.eclipse.osgi jar org.eclipse.osgi
Org.eclipse.jdt.core jar org.eclipse.jdt.core
Tycho Equinox Embedder jar tycho-equinox
Tycho Testing Harness jar tycho-testing-harness
Tycho P2-based target platform resolver facade jar tycho-p2-facade
Tycho P2 dependency resolution API eclipse-plugin org.sonatype.tycho.p2
Tycho OSGi Compiler Plugin maven-plugin maven-osgi-compiler-plugin
Tycho OSGi Packaging Plugin maven-plugin maven-osgi-packaging-plugin
Tycho Equinox Launching jar tycho-equinox-launching
Tycho Equinox Embedder API jar tycho-equinox-api
Tycho P2 runtime eclipse-application tycho-p2-runtime
Tycho P2 Maven2 Repository Layout support eclipse-plugin org.sonatype.tycho.p2.maven.repository
Tycho JDT Compiler Component jar tycho-compiler-jdt
Tycho P2-based dependency resolver eclipse-plugin org.sonatype.tycho.p2.impl
Tycho Surefire OSGi Booter Eclipse application eclipse-plugin org.sonatype.tycho.surefire.osgibooter
Tycho Surefire OSGi JUnit Runner eclipse-plugin org.sonatype.tycho.surefire.junit
Tycho Surefire OSGi JUnit4 Runner eclipse-plugin org.sonatype.tycho.surefire.junit4
Tycho Surefire OSGi JUnit4 Runner eclipse-plugin tycho-surefire-junit4
Tycho Surefire OSGi JUnit Runner eclipse-plugin tycho-surefire-junit
Tycho Surefire OSGi Booter Eclipse application eclipse-plugin tycho-surefire-osgi-booter
Tycho P2 tools API eclipse-plugin
Tycho OSGi Source Plugin maven-plugin maven-osgi-source-plugin
Tycho OSGi Test Plugin maven-plugin maven-osgi-test-plugin
Tycho Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-tycho-plugin
Tycho Target Platform Configuration Plugin maven-plugin target-platform-configuration
Tycho pom tycho
Tycho Embedder API jar tycho-embedder-api
Tycho Maven Plugin maven-plugin tycho-maven-plugin
Tycho Eclipse Project Metadata Model jar tycho-metadata-model
Tycho P2 Plugin maven-plugin tycho-p2-plugin
Tycho P2 tools implementations eclipse-plugin
Tycho Emma Coverage Plugin maven-plugin tycho-emma-coverage-plugin
Tycho Extras pom tycho-extras
Tycho Integration Tests jar tycho-its
Noop Equinox password provider eclipse-plugin org.sonatype.tycho.noopsecurity
Sonatype Tycho :: Build :: Packed TPR jar tycho-tpr-packed
Tycho-bootstrap-maven-plugin maven-plugin tycho-bootstrap-maven-plugin
Tycho P2 integration parent pom tycho-p2
Tycho P2 Director Plugin maven-plugin tycho-p2-director-plugin
Tycho P2 Extras Plugin maven-plugin tycho-p2-extras-plugin
Tycho-versions-plugin maven-plugin tycho-versions-plugin
Tycho EMMA Integration pom tycho-emma
Tycho P2 Repository Plugin maven-plugin tycho-p2-repository-plugin
Tycho P2-based target platform resolver parent pom tycho-p2-resolver
Tycho P2-based target platform resolver implementation parent pom tycho-p2-resolver-impl
Tycho P2 tools API classes tests eclipse-test-plugin
Tycho Release Parent pom tycho-release
Tycho Surefire Parent pom tycho-surefire
Tycho P2 Publisher eclipse-plugin org.sonatype.tycho.p2.publisher
Org.sonatype.tycho.p2.maven.repository.tests eclipse-test-plugin org.sonatype.tycho.p2.maven.repository.tests
Org.sonatype.tycho.p2.impl.test eclipse-test-plugin org.sonatype.tycho.p2.impl.test
Tycho-enforcer-rules jar tycho-enforcer-rules
Tycho Emma Coverage Plugin Integration Tests jar tycho-emma-its
Tycho P2 Publisher maven-plugin tycho-p2-publisher-plugin
Sonatype Tycho :: Build :: Extensions :: Aggregator pom tycho-extensions

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