group: org.sonatype.sisu.inject

fresh name packaging artifact id
Sisu Guice - Extensions - MultiBindings jar guice-multibindings
Sisu Guice - Extensions - Servlet jar guice-servlet
CGLIB jar cglib
Sisu Guice - Extensions - AssistedInject jar guice-assistedinject
Sisu-Inject-Bean : Generic reflection jar guice-bean-reflect
Sisu-Inject-Plexus : Container API jar guice-plexus-shim
Sisu-Inject-Plexus : @Component metadata jar guice-plexus-metadata
Sisu-Inject-Bean : Dynamic bindings jar guice-bean-locators
Sisu-Inject-Bean : @Named scanning jar guice-bean-scanners
Sisu-Inject-Bean : @Inject auto-wiring jar guice-bean-binders
Sisu-Inject-Bean : Property injection jar guice-bean-inject
Sisu-Inject-Bean : Container API jar guice-bean-containers
Sisu-Inject-Plexus : @Configuration conversion jar guice-plexus-converters
Sisu-Inject-Plexus : Dynamic bindings jar guice-plexus-locators
Sisu-Inject-Plexus : @Requirement auto-wiring jar guice-plexus-binders
Sisu-Inject-Plexus : @Component scanning jar guice-plexus-scanners
Sisu-Inject-Bean : Type conversion jar guice-bean-converters
Sisu Guice - Extensions - Grapher jar guice-grapher
Sisu Guice - Extensions - Persist jar guice-persist
Sisu-Inject-Plexus : @Component lifecycles jar guice-plexus-lifecycles
Sisu-Inject : Containers : Plexus pom guice-plexus
Sisu Guice pom guice-parent
Sisu-Inject : Containers : Bean (JSR330) pom guice-bean
Sisu Guice - Extensions - ThrowingProviders jar guice-throwingproviders
Sisu Guava - Bootstrap Classes jar guava-bootstrap
Sisu Guava - Testing Library jar guava-testlib
Sisu-Inject : wrappers pom wrappers
Sisu-Inject : Containers pom containers
Sisu Guice - Extensions pom extensions-parent
Sisu Guava pom guava-parent
Sisu Guava - Unit Tests jar guava-tests
Sisu Guice - Bill of Materials pom guice-bom
Sisu Guice - Extensions - Dagger Adapter jar guice-dagger-adapter
Guice - Eclipse pom guice-eclipse
Sisu Guice - Extensions pom guice-extensions
Sisu Guice - Extensions - JMX jar guice-jmx
Sisu Guice - Extensions - JNDI jar guice-jndi
Google Guice - Extensions - Mini jar guice-mini
Google Guice - Extensions - Service jar guice-service
Sisu Guice - Extensions - Spring jar guice-spring
Sisu Guice - Extensions - Struts2 jar guice-struts2
Sisu Guice - Extensions - TestLib jar guice-testlib
Sisu Guice - JDK8 Tests jar jdk8-tests
Sisu-Inject : Registries pom registries

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