group: org.sonatype.sisu

fresh name packaging artifact id
Sisu Guice - Core Library jar sisu-guice
Sisu-Inject-Plexus : legacy wrapper jar sisu-inject-plexus
Sisu-Inject-Bean : legacy wrapper jar sisu-inject-bean
Sisu Mailer jar sisu-mailer
Sisu Guava - Core Library jar sisu-guava
SISU Velocity Component jar sisu-velocity
Sisu :: Resource Scanner bundle sisu-resource-scanner
Sisu Bundle Launcher jar sisu-bundle-launcher
org.sonatype.sisu:sisu-maven-bridge bundle sisu-maven-bridge
SISU Charger Component jar sisu-charger
Sisu - Locks jar sisu-locks
SISU EHCache Component jar sisu-ehcache
SISU Jetty8 Component jar sisu-jetty8
Sisu Task Scheduler jar sisu-task-scheduler
Sisu XML-RPC :: Client Library jar sisu-xmlrpc-client
Sisu Encryptor jar sisu-encryptor
Sisu Bundle Launcher :: Servlet jar sisu-bundle-launcher-servlet
Sisu File Tasks jar sisu-file-tasks
Sisu JSW Utilities jar sisu-jsw-utils
Sisu Bundle Launcher :: Jetty jar sisu-bundle-launcher-jetty
Sisu XML-RPC :: Common Library jar sisu-xmlrpc-common
Sisu XML-RPC :: Server Library jar sisu-xmlrpc-server
Sisu-template jar sisu-template
Sisu-Inject pom sisu-inject
Sisu-sitebricks jar sisu-sitebricks
Sisu pom sisu-parent
Sisu - OData4J jar sisu-odata4j
Sisu-OSGi-Registry : Service bindings jar sisu-osgi-registry
Sisu - Inject (Eclipse extension support) bundle sisu-inject-eclipse
Sisu-Eclipse-Registry : Extension bindings bundle sisu-eclipse-registry
Sisu Bundle Launcher :: Tomcat jar sisu-bundle-launcher-tomcat
Sisu-bundle-launcher-testsupport jar sisu-bundle-launcher-testsupport
Sisu Bundle Launcher :: Jetty Test Suite jar sisu-bundle-launcher-jetty-testsuite
org.sonatype.sisu:sisu-maven-bridge-parent pom sisu-maven-bridge-parent
Sisu Guava - GWT Library jar sisu-guava-gwt
Sisu-SPI-Registry : Service bindings jar sisu-spi-registry
Sisu :: Store jar sisu-store
sisu-bundle-launcher-aggregator pom sisu-bundle-launcher-aggregator
Sisu XML-RPC pom sisu-xmlrpc

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