group: org.sonarsource.sonarqube

fresh name packaging artifact id
SonarQube :: Plugin API jar sonar-plugin-api
SonarQube :: Testing Harness jar sonar-testing-harness
SonarQube :: Core jar sonar-core
SonarQube :: Process jar sonar-process
SonarQube :: Web Service jar sonar-ws
SonarQube :: Scanner :: Protocol jar sonar-scanner-protocol
SonarQube :: Database jar sonar-db
SonarQube :: Database Core jar sonar-db-core
SonarQube :: Server jar sonar-server
SonarQube :: Search jar sonar-search
SonarQube :: Home jar sonar-home
SonarQube :: Plugins :: Xoo jar sonar-xoo-plugin
SonarQube :: Markdown jar sonar-markdown
SonarQube :: Plugin API Dependencies jar sonar-plugin-api-deps
SonarQube :: Priviledged Plugin Bridge jar sonar-plugin-bridge
SonarQube :: DB testing pom sonar-db-testing
SonarQube :: Database Migration jar sonar-db-migration
SonarQube :: DAO jar sonar-db-dao
SonarQube :: Batch :: Protocol jar sonar-batch-protocol
SonarQube :: Compute Engine jar sonar-ce
SonarQube :: Web war sonar-web
SonarQube :: Scanner Engine Shaded jar sonar-scanner-engine-shaded
SonarQube :: Main Process jar sonar-main
SonarQube :: Compute Engine API jar sonar-ce-api
SonarQube :: Views Bridge jar sonar-views-bridge
SonarQube :: Developer Cockpit Bridge jar sonar-dev-cockpit-bridge
SonarQube :: Code Colorizer jar sonar-colorizer
SonarQube :: Batch jar sonar-batch
SonarQube :: Scanner Engine jar sonar-scanner-engine
SonarQube :: Batch Shaded jar sonar-batch-shaded
SonarQube :: Duplications jar sonar-duplications
SonarQube :: Batch Maven Plugin sonar-plugin sonar-batch-maven-plugin
SonarQube :: Server :: Benchmarks jar sonar-server-benchmarks
SonarQube :: Server :: Parent pom server
SonarQube :: Web Service :: Generator jar sonar-ws-generator
SonarQube :: Application zip sonar-application
SonarQube jar sonar-qa-util
SonarQube :: Check API jar sonar-check-api
SonarQube pom sonarqube
SonarQube :: Process Monitor jar sonar-process-monitor

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