group: org.seedstack

fresh name packaging artifact id
Rest-composite pom rest-composite
Domain-composite pom domain-composite
Web-composite pom web-composite
Batch-archetype maven-archetype batch-archetype
Batch-composite pom batch-composite
Cli-archetype maven-archetype cli-archetype
Cli-composite pom cli-composite
Commons-bom pom commons-bom
Distribution pom distribution
Domain-archetype maven-archetype domain-archetype
Guiceext-bom pom guiceext-bom
Hibernate-bom pom hibernate-bom
Integrationtest-bom pom integrationtest-bom
Jackson-bom pom jackson-bom
Java-bom pom java-bom
Addon-archetype maven-archetype addon-archetype
License-templates jar license-templates
Logging-bom pom logging-bom
Metro-bom pom metro-bom
Nuun-bom pom nuun-bom
Parent pom parent
Poms pom poms
Rest-archetype maven-archetype rest-archetype
Seedstack-bom pom seedstack-bom
Seedstack-bom-compat pom seedstack-bom-compat
Seedstack-maven-plugin maven-plugin seedstack-maven-plugin
Shiro-bom pom shiro-bom
Spring-bom pom spring-bom
Unittest-bom pom unittest-bom
Web-archetype maven-archetype web-archetype
Jersey-bom pom jersey-bom
App-composite pom app-composite
Assembly-descriptors jar assembly-descriptors

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