group: org.scalanlp

fresh name packaging artifact id
breeze jar breeze_2.11
breeze jar breeze_2.10
breeze jar breeze_2.12
breeze-natives jar breeze-natives_2.11
breeze-natives jar breeze-natives_2.12
breeze-macros jar breeze-macros_2.12
breeze-natives jar breeze-natives_2.10
breeze-process jar breeze-process_2.9.2
breeze-math jar breeze-math_2.10
breeze-viz jar breeze-viz_2.11
breeze-process jar breeze-process_2.10
epic jar epic_2.10
breeze-macros jar breeze-macros_2.10
breeze-core jar breeze-core_2.10
breeze-viz jar breeze-viz_2.10
breeze-viz jar breeze-viz_2.12
Jblas jar jblas
breeze-macros jar breeze-macros_2.11
breeze-config jar breeze-config_2.10
epic jar epic_2.11
nak jar nak_2.10
breeze-math jar breeze-math_2.9.2
breeze-learn jar breeze-learn_2.10
breeze-config jar breeze-config_2.11
breeze-learn jar breeze-learn_2.9.2
Jcuda jar jcuda
nak jar nak
breeze-config jar breeze-config_2.12
breeze-graphs jar breeze-graphs_2.10
breeze-core jar breeze-core_2.9.2
nak jar nak_2.11
Jcublas jar jcublas
epic-pos-en jar epic-pos-en_2.10
epic-parser-en-span jar epic-parser-en-span_2.10
epic-ner-en-conll jar epic-ner-en-conll_2.10
epic-parser-en-span jar epic-parser-en-span_2.11
Scalanlp-data_2.9.1 jar scalanlp-data_2.9.1
breeze-viz jar breeze-viz_2.9.2
epic-pos-en jar epic-pos-en_2.11
Jcurand jar jcurand
breeze-graphs jar breeze-graphs_2.9.2
epic-ner-en-conll jar epic-ner-en-conll_2.11
Jcublas2 jar jcublas2
epic-parser-pl-span jar epic-parser-pl-span_2.10
breeze jar breeze_2.9.2
chalk jar chalk
chalk jar chalk_2.10
epic jar epic_2.12
epic-parser-de-span jar epic-parser-de-span_2.10
epic-parser-eu-span jar epic-parser-eu-span_2.10
epic-parser-fr-span jar epic-parser-fr-span_2.10
epic-parser-hu-span jar epic-parser-hu-span_2.10
epic-parser-ko-span jar epic-parser-ko-span_2.10
epic-parser-sv-span jar epic-parser-sv-span_2.10
epic-pos-de jar epic-pos-de_2.10
epic-pos-eu jar epic-pos-eu_2.10
epic-pos-fr jar epic-pos-fr_2.10
epic-pos-hu jar epic-pos-hu_2.10
epic-pos-pl jar epic-pos-pl_2.10
epic-pos-sv jar epic-pos-sv_2.10
Jcusparse jar jcusparse
Scalanlp-learn_2.9.1 jar scalanlp-learn_2.9.1
epic-pos-en jar epic-pos-en_2.12
epic-parser-fr-span jar epic-parser-fr-span_2.11
epic-all-models jar epic-all-models_2.10
Jcuda-parent pom jcuda-parent
Jcufft jar jcufft
english jar english_2.11
Scalanlp-graphs_2.9.1 jar scalanlp-graphs_2.9.1
Jcusparse2 jar jcusparse2
junto jar junto
english jar english_2.10
breeze-parent jar breeze-parent_2.12
breeze-parent jar breeze-parent_2.11
sbt-jflex jar sbt-jflex_2.10_0.13
sbt-jflex jar sbt-jflex_2.12_1.0
breeze-parent jar breeze-parent_2.10
gust jar gust_2.11
gust jar gust_2.10

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