group: org.scala-sbt

fresh name packaging artifact id
test-interface jar test-interface
Compiler Interface jar compiler-interface
Launcher Interface jar launcher-interface
IO jar io_2.12
IO jar io_2.11
Util Logging jar util-logging_2.12
Util Testing jar util-testing_2.11
zinc jar zinc_2.12
zinc ApiInfo jar zinc-apiinfo_2.12
Util Logging jar util-logging_2.11
IO jar io_2.10
zinc Classpath jar zinc-classpath_2.12
sbt jar sbt
Util Testing jar util-testing_2.12
Util Interface jar util-interface
Util Testing jar util-testing_2.10
Collections jar collections_2.12
librarymanagement-core jar librarymanagement-core_2.12
librarymanagement-ivy jar librarymanagement-ivy_2.12
Util Logging jar util-logging_2.10
Util Relation jar util-relation_2.12
Util Control jar util-control_2.12
Util Collection jar util-collection_2.11
Util Cache jar util-cache_2.12
zinc Compile Core jar zinc-compile-core_2.11
zinc Classfile jar zinc-classfile_2.11
zinc Classpath jar zinc-classpath_2.11
zinc ApiInfo jar zinc-apiinfo_2.11
launcher jar launcher
zinc Classfile jar zinc-classfile_2.12
zinc Compile Core jar zinc-compile-core_2.12
Test Agent jar test-agent
zinc Core jar zinc-core_2.11
Command jar command_2.12
Completion jar completion_2.12
Util Tracking jar util-tracking_2.12
zinc Core jar zinc-core_2.12
Util Cache jar util-cache_2.11
Util Relation jar util-relation_2.11
Compiler Bridge jar compiler-bridge_2.12
zinc Ivy Integration jar zinc-ivy-integration_2.12
Util Control jar util-control_2.11
Util Collection jar util-collection_2.10
zinc Ivy Integration jar zinc-ivy-integration_2.11
Task System jar task-system_2.12
Run jar run_2.12
Tasks jar tasks_2.12
Util Collection jar util-collection_2.12
zinc Classfile jar zinc-classfile_2.10
Compiler Bridge jar compiler-bridge_2.11
SBinary jar sbinary_2.12
zinc jar zinc_2.11
Util Position jar util-position_2.12
Util Tracking jar util-tracking_2.11
zinc Classpath jar zinc-classpath_2.10
zinc ApiInfo jar zinc-apiinfo_2.10
librarymanagement-core jar librarymanagement-core_2.11
librarymanagement jar librarymanagement_2.11
SBinary jar sbinary_2.11
zinc Persist jar zinc-persist_2.11
template-resolver jar template-resolver
Util Scripted jar util-scripted_2.12
zinc Persist jar zinc-persist_2.12
librarymanagement jar librarymanagement_2.10
Util Relation jar util-relation_2.10
Main jar main_2.12
Util Completion jar util-completion_2.11
zinc Compile jar zinc-compile_2.12
Actions jar actions_2.12
Testing jar testing_2.12
Main Settings jar main-settings_2.12
Protocol jar protocol_2.12
Core Macros jar core-macros_2.12
Scripted sbt Redux jar scripted-sbt-redux_2.12
Logic jar logic_2.12
Util Control jar util-control_2.10
librarymanagement-ivy jar librarymanagement-ivy_2.11
zinc Compile Core jar zinc-compile-core_2.10
Util Scripted jar util-scripted_2.11
zinc Ivy Integration jar zinc-ivy-integration_2.10
Scripted sbt jar scripted-sbt_2.12
serialization jar serialization_2.11
Util Position jar util-position_2.11
Util Completion jar util-completion_2.10
serialization jar serialization_2.10
zinc jar zinc_2.10
zinc Core jar zinc-core_2.10
Util Tracking jar util-tracking_2.10
Util Cache jar util-cache_2.10
librarymanagement jar librarymanagement_2.12
Util Completion jar util-completion_2.12
Command jar command_2.10
Command jar command_2.11
Util Scripted jar util-scripted_2.10
Scripted Plugin jar scripted-plugin_2.12
Compiler Bridge jar compiler-bridge_2.10
SBinary jar sbinary_2.10
Run jar run_2.10
Run jar run_2.11
Tasks jar tasks_2.10
Tasks jar tasks_2.11
Task System jar task-system_2.10
Task System jar task-system_2.11
zinc Persist jar zinc-persist_2.10
Incrementalcompiler ApiInfo jar incrementalcompiler-apiinfo_2.10
Incrementalcompiler ApiInfo jar incrementalcompiler-apiinfo_2.11
Incrementalcompiler Compile Core jar incrementalcompiler-compile-core_2.11
Incrementalcompiler Compile Core jar incrementalcompiler-compile-core_2.10
Incrementalcompiler Classfile jar incrementalcompiler-classfile_2.11
Incrementalcompiler Classfile jar incrementalcompiler-classfile_2.10
Main Settings jar main-settings_2.11
Util Logic jar util-logic_2.11
zinc Compile jar zinc-compile_2.10
zinc Compile jar zinc-compile_2.11
Scripted sbt jar scripted-sbt_2.11
Util Logic jar util-logic_2.10
Util Apply Macro jar util-apply-macro_2.10
Util Apply Macro jar util-apply-macro_2.11
Testing jar testing_2.10
Incrementalcompiler Core jar incrementalcompiler-core_2.11
Actions jar actions_2.10
Incrementalcompiler Core jar incrementalcompiler-core_2.10
Main jar main_2.11
Testing jar testing_2.11
Incrementalcompiler Classpath jar incrementalcompiler-classpath_2.11
Main Settings jar main-settings_2.10
Actions jar actions_2.11
Incrementalcompiler Classpath jar incrementalcompiler-classpath_2.10
Incrementalcompiler Ivy Integration jar incrementalcompiler-ivy-integration_2.11
Incrementalcompiler Ivy Integration jar incrementalcompiler-ivy-integration_2.10
Incrementalcompiler Persist jar incrementalcompiler-persist_2.10
Incrementalcompiler Persist jar incrementalcompiler-persist_2.11
Util Logic jar util-logic_2.12
Util Interface jar util-interface_2.10
incrementalcompiler jar incrementalcompiler_2.11
incrementalcompiler jar incrementalcompiler_2.10
Util Apply Macro jar util-apply-macro_2.12
Util Interface jar util-interface_2.11
Benchmarks of Zinc and the compiler bridge jar benchmarks-of-zinc-and-the-compiler-bridge_2.12
IO jar io_2.13.0-M3
IO jar io_2.13.0-M2
IO jar io_2.13.0-M5
zinc Scripted jar zinc-scripted_2.12
IO jar io_2.13.0-M1
IO jar io_2.12.0-M4
Incrementalcompiler Scripted jar incrementalcompiler-scripted_2.11
Incrementalcompiler Scripted jar incrementalcompiler-scripted_2.10
librarymanagement-coursier jar librarymanagement-coursier_2.12
Incrementalcompiler Compile jar incrementalcompiler-compile_2.11
Incrementalcompiler Compile jar incrementalcompiler-compile_2.10
Main jar main_2.10
contraband jar contraband_2.12
contraband jar contraband_2.11
contraband jar contraband_2.10
Compiler Bridge jar compiler-bridge_2.13.0-M5
Scripted sbt jar scripted-sbt_2.10
Compiler Bridge jar compiler-bridge_2.13.0-M2
Scripted Plugin jar scripted-plugin_2.11
Scripted Plugin jar scripted-plugin_2.10
sbt-launch jar sbt-launch
SBinary jar sbinary_2.13.0-M4
IO jar io_2.13.0-M4
Benchmarks of Zinc and the compiler bridge jar benchmarks-of-zinc-and-the-compiler-bridge_2.11
zinc Scripted jar zinc-scripted_2.10
zinc Scripted jar zinc-scripted_2.11

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