group: org.scala-lang

fresh name packaging artifact id
Scala Library jar scala-library
Scala Compiler jar scala-reflect
Scala Compiler jar scala-compiler
jline jar jline
Scalap jar scalap
Scala Actors library jar scala-actors
Scala Swing library jar scala-swing
Scala Library Powerpack pom scala-library-all
Scala XML jar scala-xml
scala-pickling jar scala-pickling_2.11
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.11
scala-pickling jar scala-pickling_2.10
Scala Parser Combinators jar scala-parser-combinators
Scala Database Connectivity jar scala-dbc
scala-partest-interface jar scala-partest-interface_2.11.0-M4
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.10.0-RC2
scala-partest jar scala-partest_2.11.0-M4
Parallel Test Framework jar scala-partest
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.11.0-RC1
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.11.0-RC3
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.11.0-RC4
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.11.0-M8
scala-xml jar scala-xml_2.11.0-M4
Scala Migration Kit jar scala-actors-migration
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.10
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.10.0-RC3
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.10.0-RC4
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.10.0-RC5
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.11.0-M3
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.11.0-M4
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.11.0-M5
scala-actors-migration jar scala-actors-migration_2.11.0-M7
Scala-db jar scala-db
Scala-decoder jar scala-decoder
Scala Distribution Artifacts jar scala-dist
Scala-parent pom scala-parent

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