group: org.robovm

fresh name packaging artifact id
RoboVM Runtime jar robovm-rt
RoboVM Cocoa Touch Bindings jar robovm-cocoatouch
RoboVM Gradle Plugin jar robovm-gradle-plugin
RoboVM Objective-C Bridge jar robovm-objc
RoboVM Distribution (compiler jars) jar robovm-dist-compiler
RoboVM Compiler jar robovm-compiler
Robovm-maven-resolver jar robovm-maven-resolver
RoboVM cacerts full jar robovm-cacerts-full
RoboVM LLVM Bindings jar robovm-llvm
RoboVM libimobiledevice Bindings jar robovm-libimobiledevice
Soot jar robovm-soot
RoboPods Bolts iOS jar robopods-bolts-ios
RoboPods Google APIs iOS jar robopods-google-apis-ios
Robovm-junit-client jar robovm-junit-client
RoboPods Facebook iOS jar robopods-facebook-ios
Robovm-junit-server jar robovm-junit-server
console-template maven-archetype robovm-console-template
default-template maven-archetype robovm-default-template
RoboPods Google+ iOS jar robopods-google-plus-ios
single-view-template maven-archetype robovm-single-view-template
RoboPods Google Mobile Ads iOS jar robopods-google-mobile-ads-ios
cross-platform-template maven-archetype robovm-cross-platform-template
Robo.Dialog Core jar robopods-dialog-core
RoboPods Flurry Advertising iOS jar robopods-flurry-ios-ads
RoboPods Flurry Analytics iOS jar robopods-flurry-ios-analytics
RoboPods Google Analytics iOS, without ad support jar robopods-google-analytics-ios-noads
RoboPods Google SignIn iOS jar robopods-google-signin-ios
RoboPods Fabric TwitterCore iOS jar robopods-fabric-ios-twittercore
cross-platform-template maven-archetype robovm-templates-cross-platform
cross-platform-kotlin-template maven-archetype robovm-templates-cross-platform-kotlin
ios-single-view-template maven-archetype robovm-templates-ios-single-view
ios-single-view-no-ib-template maven-archetype robovm-templates-ios-single-view-no-ib
tvos-single-view-template maven-archetype robovm-templates-tvos-single-view
console-template maven-archetype robovm-templates-console
tvos-single-view-no-ib-template maven-archetype robovm-templates-tvos-single-view-no-ib
Robo.Core jar robopods-plugins-core
RoboPods Facebook iOS - CoreKit jar robopods-facebook-ios-core
Robo.Billing Core jar robopods-billing-core
Robo.Settings Core jar robopods-settings-core
Robo.Core jar robopods-components-core
cross-platform-kotlin-template maven-archetype robovm-cross-platform-kotlin-template
RoboPods Facebook iOS - ShareKit jar robopods-facebook-ios-share
RoboVM Distribution (tar.gz package) pom robovm-dist
RoboPods Facebook iOS - LoginKit jar robopods-facebook-ios-login
RoboVM Common Runtime Library jar robovm-rt-common
RoboPods Flurry Ads Android jar robopods-flurry-android-ads
RoboPods Google Analytics iOS jar robopods-google-analytics-ios
RoboVM Template Generator jar robovm-templater
RoboPods Facebook iOS - MessengerShareKit jar robopods-facebook-ios-messenger
Robo.Billing Android jar robopods-billing-android
Robovm-surefire-provider jar robovm-surefire-provider
RoboVM Templates for Eclipse and Maven integration pom robovm-templates-parent
RoboVM Runtime Parent pom robovm-rt-parent
Robo.Billing iOS jar robopods-billing-ios
Robo.Billing Parent pom robopods-billing-parent
RoboPods Bolts Parent pom robopods-bolts-parent
RoboPods Chartboost iOS jar robopods-chartboost-ios
RoboPods Chartboost Parent pom robopods-chartboost-parent
RoboPods Components Parent pom robopods-components-parent
Robo.Dialog Android jar robopods-dialog-android
Robo.Dialog iOS jar robopods-dialog-ios
Robo.Dialog Parent pom robopods-dialog-parent
RoboPods Fabric iOS jar robopods-fabric-ios
RoboPods Fabric Answers iOS jar robopods-fabric-ios-answers
RoboPods Fabric Crashlytics iOS jar robopods-fabric-ios-crashlytics
RoboPods Fabric Digits iOS jar robopods-fabric-ios-digits
RoboPods Fabric MoPub iOS jar robopods-fabric-ios-mopub
RoboPods Fabric Twitter iOS jar robopods-fabric-ios-twitter
RoboPods Fabric Parent pom robopods-fabric-parent
RoboPods Facebook iOS - AudienceNetwork jar robopods-facebook-ios-audience
RoboPods Facebook Parent pom robopods-facebook-parent
RoboPods Flurry Android jar robopods-flurry-android
RoboPods Flurry Analytics Android jar robopods-flurry-android-analytics
RoboPods Flurry iOS jar robopods-flurry-ios
RoboPods Flurry Parent pom robopods-flurry-parent
RoboPods Google Analytics Parent pom robopods-google-analytics-parent
RoboPods Google APIs Parent pom robopods-google-apis-parent
RoboPods Google Mobile Ads Parent pom robopods-google-mobile-ads-parent
RoboPods Google Play Game Services iOS jar robopods-google-play-games-ios
RoboPods Google Play Game Services Parent pom robopods-google-play-games-parent
RoboPods Google+ Parent pom robopods-google-plus-parent
RoboPods Google SignIn Parent pom robopods-google-signin-parent
RoboPods Heyzap Android jar robopods-heyzap-android
RoboPods Heyzap iOS jar robopods-heyzap-ios
RoboPods Heyzap Parent pom robopods-heyzap-parent
RoboPods Parent pom robopods-parent
RoboPods Parse iOS jar robopods-parse-ios
RoboPods Parse Parent pom robopods-parse-parent
RoboPods Plugins Parent pom robopods-plugins-parent
RoboPods Network Reachability iOS jar robopods-reachability-ios
RoboPods Network Reachability Parent pom robopods-reachability-parent
Robo.Settings Android jar robopods-settings-android
Robo.Settings iOS jar robopods-settings-ios
Robo.Settings Parent pom robopods-settings-parent
RoboVM cacerts parent pom robovm-cacerts-parent
RoboVM Distribution pom robovm-dist-parent
RoboVM Junit parent pom robovm-junit-parent
Robovm-junit-protocol jar robovm-junit-protocol
RoboVM Maven pom robovm-maven-parent
RoboVM Maven Plugin maven-plugin robovm-maven-plugin
RoboVM pom robovm-parent

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