group: org.primefaces.themes

fresh name packaging artifact id
All Themes jar all-themes
PrimeFaces Bootstrap Theme jar bootstrap
PrimeFaces Cupertino Theme jar cupertino
PrimeFaces South-Street Theme jar south-street
PrimeFaces Blitzer Theme jar blitzer
PrimeFaces Smoothness Theme jar smoothness
PrimeFaces UI-Lightness Theme jar ui-lightness
PrimeFaces Redmond Theme jar redmond
PrimeFaces Glass-X Theme jar glass-x
PrimeFaces Sam Theme jar sam
PrimeFaces Pepper-Grinder Theme jar pepper-grinder
PrimeFaces Start Theme jar start
PrimeFaces Delta Theme jar delta
PrimeFaces Bluesky Theme jar bluesky
PrimeFaces Le-Frog Theme jar le-frog
PrimeFaces Home Theme jar home
PrimeFaces Flick Theme jar flick
PrimeFaces Casablanca Theme jar casablanca
PrimeFaces Aristo Theme jar aristo
PrimeFaces Humanity Theme jar humanity
PrimeFaces Cruze Theme jar cruze
PrimeFaces Dark-Hive Theme jar dark-hive
PrimeFaces Afterdark Theme jar afterdark
PrimeFaces Excite-Bike Theme jar excite-bike
PrimeFaces Hot-Sneaks Theme jar hot-sneaks
PrimeFaces Sunny Theme jar sunny
PrimeFaces Black-Tie Theme jar black-tie
PrimeFaces Afternoon Theme jar afterwork
PrimeFaces Rocket Theme jar rocket
PrimeFaces Vader Theme jar vader
PrimeFaces Afternoon Theme jar afternoon
PrimeFaces UI-Darkness Theme jar ui-darkness
PrimeFaces Overcast Theme jar overcast
PrimeFaces Eggplant Theme jar eggplant
PrimeFaces Midnight Theme jar midnight
PrimeFaces Swanky-Purse Theme jar swanky-purse
PrimeFaces Trontastic Theme jar trontastic
PrimeFaces Dot-Luv Theme jar dot-luv
PrimeFaces Mint-Choc Theme jar mint-choc
primefaces themes pom themes-project

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