group: org.picketbox

fresh name packaging artifact id
PicketBox Full JAR Distribution jar picketbox
PicketBox Identity SPI jar identity-spi
PicketBox Authorization SPI jar authorization-spi
PicketBox implementation jar jbosssx-bare
Picketbox Commons jar picketbox-commons
PicketBox Common SPI jar common-spi
Picketbox jar picketbox-bare
PicketBox Access Control List SPI jar acl-spi
PicketBox Identity Implementation jar picketbox-identity-impl
PicketBox ACL Implementation jar picketbox-acl-impl
Picketbox SPI jar picketbox-spi-bare
Picketbox Infinispan jar picketbox-infinispan
PicketBox LDAP Server jar picketbox-ldap
PicketBox SPI Full JAR Distribution jar jboss-security-spi
PicketBox Core jar picketbox-core
PicketBox POM - Aggregator jar picketbox-http
PicketBox Client jar jbosssx-client
PicketBox Implementation Full JAR Distribution jar jbosssx
PicketBox JSON jar picketbox-json
PicketBox Common Classes jar picketbox-quickstarts-common
Static Resources Shared by the Quickstarts war static-web-resources
PicketBox CDI Integration jar picketbox-cdi
PicketBox HTTP: Simple HTTP FORM authentication. war http-form
PicketBox JAX-RS Integration jar picketbox-jaxrs
PicketBox Solder Module jar picketbox-solder
PicketBox Drools Integration jar picketbox-drools
PicketBox POM Aggregator pom picketbox-core-pom
PicketBox DeltaSpike Integration jar picketbox-deltaspike
JBossSX - Parent pom jbosssx-parent
PicketBox JBoss Microcontainer Security Integration jar jbosssx-mc-int
PicketBox HTTP: Simple HTTP DIGEST authentication. war http-digest
PicketBox Keystore jar picketbox-keystore
PicketBox HTTP: Simple HTTP CLIENT-CERT authentication. war http-cert
PicketBox- Parent pom picketbox-parent
PicketBox Quickstarts pom picketbox-quickstarts
PicketBox HTTP: Simple HTTP BASIC authentication. war http-basic
PicketBox Quickstarts Distribution jar picketbox-quickstarts-dist
PicketBox Quickstarts Parent POM pom picketbox-quickstarts-parent
PicketBox Drools Authorization Example war drools-authorization
PicketBox SPI - Parent pom picketbox-spi-parent
PicketBox SPI - Aggregator pom picketbox-spi-pom
PicketBox - Aggregator pom picketbox-aggregator-pom
PicketBox HTTP: Database Authentication using a JPA Identity Store. war database-authentication
PicketBox Build Configuration jar picketbox-build-config
PicketBox HTTP LDAP Authentication Example war ldap-authentication
PicketBox Implementation - Aggregator pom jbosssx-pom
PicketBox Parent pom picketbox-core-parent

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